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Income Properties: Bathroom Renovation Tips

Despite popular belief, the job of a landlord is not a simple one. The very fact that your rental income is dependent upon the state of your home is a not small thing. To make some money, one needs to invest it wisely. Perspective renters almost always check out the state of the bathrooms first. Bathrooms are extremely high on the priority list for the average renter. So landlords should focus on the bathroom when updating rental units. Here are some bathroom renovation tips that could significantly improve the appeal of your investment property.


Shower area

Probably the most important thing about the bathroom is its shower area, and there are several approaches you could take here. Consider a rectangular showerhead. No longer are circular showerheads an obligatory thing. Both the size and shape of the showerhead can make an impactful statement. Increase the actual size and feel of the shower by installing simple glass shower enclosures.

Shower versus tub

While taking a shower is more refreshing, taking less time and consuming less water. It’s not the same as the relaxation of lying a tub of warm bubbly water. Fortunately, the time has passed when you have to make a choice between having a fabulous bath tub or a fabulous shower. Consider putting a tub within a shower. Although a bit unconventional, this is a growing trend.  It makes the most of a tight space and reducing clean up time, particularly in the case when kids tend to splash around in the tub.

Storage solutions

Perspective tenants want storage, and you can never have too much of it.  The bathroom is no exception.  The bathroom is normally the smallest room in the home. So creative storage solutions is a must. There are so many things you need to have in your bathroom. The installation of custom shelving or built in or free standing cabinets are inexpensive solutions to adding storage to the bathroom.

Remain Practical

The bathroom should be practical making it easy to maintain. It should be easy to keep clean and the space should be fully utilized to its potential.  Keep the bath and sink parallel and if possible, provide under sink cabinet storage. Choose materials that are easy to clean and maintain like tile or vinyl. Minimize or eliminate the hassle of having to clean grout lines by going with a solid surface wall or a dark grout. Travertine tile is also something to consider for flooring.  It’s easier to fix and install than porcelain or marble tile. Travertine is easy to cut and shape, and it’s much easier to find a travertine that will match existing flooring.  From that perspective it could be seen as more reasonable and affordable.  Especially if you’re doing the repair on your own.

Stay within the Style of the Home 14373505867_41608be7c5_k

Finally, don’t get overly caught up in trends.  You want your bathroom to remain current and usable for many years to come. Opt for classic colors that will not seem passe within 2 to 3 years.  If your property is traditional, stick with a traditionally styled bathroom, if its modern or contemporary go with modern or contemporary fixtures and tiles.  If your rental is more on the industrial side, a perspective tenant, would
expect a bathroom with industrial characteristics, such as, exposed piping or ducts.

All in all, there are many things you can do to increase over all appeal of your bathroom and the value of your property. These changes are beneficial to both you as the landlord and to prospective tenants.


This article was written by Derek Lotts. Derek is a writer for Smooth Decorator where he writes about recycling, home improvement and design. For him it’s all about self-improvement. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet for the betterment of others. Connect with Derek on Google+  and  Twitter.

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