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Monochrome madness: Neverending blues

One of the colors that professionals from around the world of interior design and decoration always recommend when decorating the home is blue. That is not surprising, because when it comes to decor, this color brings more advantages than disadvantages. In all its variants, it can provide a pleasant sensation of freshness, cleanliness and relaxation, so it is perfect for rooms like bedroom or bathroom. Yes, it is also suitable for other areas of the home. Another thing to consider is that blue can be combined with a lot of colors, and especially combined with white can get spectacular results.

Meaning of blue

Color blue in art is the synonym for loyalty, humility, modesty while in dreams it means a dubious success. Among the planets it signifies Jupiter, and sapphire in precious stones. In general, it indicates comfort, safety, aristocracy and loyalty.

Soothing effects

Physiological effects of blue are completely opposite from the effects of red. Blue color enables good concentration, but prolonged exposure to this color can lead to a situation in which we feel drowsy and sleepy. Nevertheless, there are no unpleasant or disturbing effects. The living room can be a great space if shades of blue are beautifully and carefully blended with other colors.

In the walls

In the walls

One of the best ways to introduce blue in home decoration is painting the walls in one of its hues. Yes, it is very important that you consider that for small and not enough bright rooms is preferable to opt for lighter shades. In fact, practitioners often recommend sky blue for this type of space. If you want to use an intense or dark shade, it is best that you do so only in one or two walls, painting the rest with a lighter shade of blue or white. Although you can paint all the walls of your home blue, this color is more suitable for the bathroom and bedroom.

In the furniture

In the furniture

Although it is less common, you can also add blue into your interior through furniture. Of course, it is recommended that you do it in small doses because the right thing is to always choose furniture in neutral shades. For example, in the lounge you can choose upholstery in color blue. In the bedroom you can also choose furniture pieces that have touches of blue. Still, in the kids’ room you have greater freedom to play around with blue, but if you’re going to do this, try not to be a cliché. A blue piece of furniture, whether it’s an armchair or sofa, or perhaps a chest of drawers or shelves, dominates the area just by its color, and, if colors in the room are well coordinated, its dominance comes to the surface in a proper way.

In textiles

Undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to add the blue to your home is with textiles. One of the great advantages of this option is that you can change it easily and cheaply anytime. Choose any of it’s shades for curtains, bedding, carpets, cushions, tablecloths, etc. As mentioned, in combination with white the results can be spectacular. In addition, blue can also be great in different types of patterns, such as squares or stripes.

In accessories and decorative objects

In accessories and decorative objects

Finally, you should be encouraged to add the touch of blue in accessories and decorative objects. In this sense, you have a lot to choose from: plants with blue flowers, vases, centerpieces, lighting solutions in the form of led lights that are flexible for countless DIY projects, candles, paintings where the sky and the sea are the main motif and so on. Of course, if you opt for this option, always ensure that the objects combine well with the rest of decorations. Ideally, home should have a lot of decorations in different shades of blue that would fit perfectly together. In the case of the children’s bedrooms, toys in the color blue could look great, especially if there are other blue elements in the bedroom.

Color blue contributes to a good mood and is associated with the sky and the sea. In the language of colors it is a symbol of trust. It is very popular and willingly used in the interior as it soothes and relaxes. Sometimes only one blue detail can bring much happiness to your home.


Article written by Zoe Clark. Zoe is a home design enthusiast and DIY junkie from Sydney. She loves playing with colours and believes the right colour palette is the holy grail of every awesome design. You can find her blogging at Smooth decorator.

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  1. …or as wise men once said, “I’m blue dabididabida” 😉
    Neat article. I’ll take blue into consideration when repainting my bedroom, so long as I find the perfect shade.
    Something with a silver streak, I think.

    1. Hahaha that’s fantastic! I know you’ll be able to find that perfect shade. It turns out that my obsession with the color blue has spilled over into my Pinterest Color inspiration board. I didn’t notice until recently, most of my color schemes include the color blue. Maybe it can offer some inspiration But what ever you do please come back any share. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing that interesting post on the color blue. It certainly is a favorite color.
    Fridays Blog Booster Party #24

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