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Design: Make a Pet Friendly Home

It’s time to redesign! And if it wasn’t fun enough coming up with all the fun ways you can update your home to meet your needs, you can keep the creativity flowing by making modifications with your dear dog or cherished cat in mind. With some basic accommodations, you can add in convenience and comfort that both you and your pet will appreciate. design with your pet in mind

Pet Nooks

Come bedtime, the dog is usually snoozing in the room with us, but during the day they need a cozy spot to lay. Thanks to some creative renovation, you can make them a spot in the living room or kitchen without adding a tripping hazard with a bulky dog bed.

If you have enough storage space, you could convert the bottom half of a kitchen cabinet or Allen table into a cozy little dog nook. Some homeowners have them completely open without a door while others use gates, swinging doors or curtains so that the dog den is out of sight when company arrives.

But what about those giant crates taking up all that kitchen space? Well, they can be included in resigning too! Whether it’s as simple as sliding a crate into an empty space under the counter or it’s as creative as turning a cabinet space into a mesh-lined lockable door, it gets those big metal boxes out of the living area and offers some welcome camouflage.

Feeding Stations

Laundry Room by Wichita Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Bradco Stainless Products Co.
If you’re updating your cabinetry, then a canine feeding station should be thrown into those renovation plans. Pet dishes turn into an instant eye sore the moment company rings the doorbell. And the water bowl always manages to get kicked around — no matter where it gets moved. Having a place to dock those bowls will allow them to finally be moved out of the way and out of our direct line of sight.

Allen tables have become a popular spot for four-legged dining zones because they allow open access to furry family members while offering us humans the convenience of quick refills. If you’re planning on including a pet nook in your remodel, you can certainly find room for bowls in their special new space. Bowls can be set on the floor or given a special docking station for larger dogs. Smaller bowls have the option of being mounted onto a wall or even installed within drywall.



Dog paws can get awfully slippery, and the risk of falling will climb even higher as they age. If you’re putting in new flooring then look into the non-slip options that are available. You want flooring that will allow wobby senior dogs stable footing, but you also want it to be durable and resistant to scratchy paws.

Eclectic Family Room by Santa Barbara Home Builders Trillium Enterprises, INC.
Bamboo, cork, and vinyl flooring are all options that can help reduce slips and scratches. Porcelain, ceramic, and stone tiles fit the bill as well, but they create a hard surface that isn’t as comfortable to lay on. Wintery days have can have them feeling quite cold too.

Other Considerations

While you’re planning out that fur-friendly flooring, it may be worthwhile to include some senior- friendly dog modifications with raised feeding stations and ramps or stairs. Bringing food and water up from the floor will help reduce the strain on your dog’s bones and muscles. And by easing their accessibility to trouble areas with ramps and stairs, you’ll be able to lessen their chance of getting injured from jumps and stumbles.

As plans make it to the drawing board, be sure to note the areas your pets use most. Considering how often the back door is used for bathroom breaks, it would be ideal to find a spot for nooks that allows your dog quick and easy backyard access. On the other hand, wily dogs may be better accommodated by having a bed or crate in an area that doesn’t have full view of passing squirrels and playful children.



Article written by Ash Stevens, blogger over at One Damn Good Woman. Ash is a mother, writer, and a wannabe shaman. She loves health, gardening, simplicity,culture, chocolate, and sarcasm. If she isn’t writing about family and relationships on her blog, then she’s surely playing badminton with the kids. Find her on Twitter or Facebook and make a new friend!


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