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Convert a Home Office from Fatigue Factory to Productive and Refreshing

A wise person once said, “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly, you are doing the impossible.” They were right, because when you are motivated to start doing something, you’re more likely not only to complete it, but do it well. The best way to do things well, is to enjoy aspects of what it is you’re doing and if you can do that while being comfortable and feeling good about completing your task, you’ll be more productive and happy.

Sounds easy enough, but how exactly is this done? If you can manage to create a space that you love to work in, you’ll be happier and thus, more productive. But where to begin? There are so many options available to the modern work from home task killer, but if you know the secrets to creating the space you’ll love working in, you’ll be that much closer to the pinnacle of productivity.

What’s Needed to Make a Work Space Pleasant?

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The key is to find a blend of unique office furniture and pieces that fit your style; everything from a comfortable ergonomic office chair to an adjustable height workstation. Ergonomics are something that you need to be aware of as using the computers, mice and keyboards as well as the chairs that we sit in for extended periods of time can have long term effects on our bodies. Be mindful of this when choosing your tools and furniture!

You can also customize the look and feel of your home workplace with the right color tones of paint. I personally like neutral colors such as light brown, a nice taupe or even soft blue. Whatever happens to make you feel at ease is what is best, as you’ll be surrounding yourself with this color for some time.

A dash of greenery is also welcome – it’s nice to take a moment throughout the day to water a nice looking plant and admire its beauty. Who ever said that you can’t have nice things in your work space? One of the reasons you should have a little plant to take care of is to get you to stand up and move around a little throughout your day.

Another aspect of the home office that we sometimes forget about is storage. There are some fantastic ideas out there for storing things that you need to have readily accessible. Even though there are a lot of supplies and tools that you’ll need throughout your day, doesn’t mean they have to be scattered about your desk. Why not get some extra large shelves to store those items neatly, or converting a closet to a makeshift supply room with built in shelving units? While file cabinets are handy to have, they’re not always the nicest pieces of furniture to look at. Why not use the large desk drawers you have as a filing system instead?

Don’t Over Do It – Less is More as They Say!

As you create the perfect work space, be mindful of what’s necessary and what you can do without. It’s ok to have pictures up or on your desk for example, but don’t overdo it. Have things that make you happy, but keep things tidy and organized. By maintaining a clean, well organized workspace, you too will feel organized and on top of things. Remember that less is more, and if you and your colleagues aren’t consistently decluttering your office workstations, you will feel better and be able to focus on your work.

Cord Corral Cable and Cord Organizer
Cord Corral Cable and Cord Organizer

Technology Can Be Useful, and Still Look Elegant

When it comes to technology, it’s absolutely necessary that we have the tools that will help us get the job done. You will need a desktop or laptop, a printer, monitor, a keyboard, a mouse. Despite all of these devices being required for most modern day office work, the cords and cables they’re attached to can be truly unsightly and really cramp your style. There are now cable management systems that you can get that will make quick work of this ugliness and keep things nice and organized. There are also many wireless alternatives to devices that used to require a wire; mice and keyboards are primary examples. Battery life on these items is exceptionally good for the most part, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or charging things all that often. Also remember that you may be eligible for certain tax benefits when you work from home, specifically with regards to supplies needed to complete your tasks for your job. Having a little more pocket cash at the end of tax season is always nice, and you can use it to invest into your home office as well.

If Money’s No Object, Treat Yourself

If you have the luxury of a little more money to spend on your work environment, there is some truly amazing office furniture out there for you that will really make your office look posh. It really speaks volumes to a client when they walk in and see a beautiful leather office chair where you do your work. It sends the message that you’re a professional at what you do and that you can be trusted in your role. If you have the means, you can present yourself and your work place with truly exceptional looks.

The Shopping List in Summary

Remember that it doesn’t take a whole lot to make your workspace somewhere you don’t mind being. You can be there all day and love it! Just remember your shopping list of must haves:

  • Neutral, calm colors for paints
  • Add a little bit of greenery
  • Ergonomic furniture and tools
  • Elegant and functional technology – think wireless
  • Storage that makes sense but doesn’t break the bank – everything must have a use
  • Luxurious items serve you two fold – comfort, as well as sending a message

You can be happy and enjoy the space in which you’re working. It does require a little time and energy to plan out how you will organize your space, but with a little thought and research it can be done. Remember that comfort and organization is key, and  you have many options to choose from in order to make the space in which you spend a lot of your time, one that you will want to be in.

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