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How to Create the Best Coffee Station at Home

Learn how to create the best coffee station at home is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% my own.

Learn how to create the best coffee station at home with a few decorative accessories made using the Cricut Maker.

I can honestly say that my day is not the same without a good cup of coffee or espresso in my case. However, working from home my normal coffee run routine has totally changed. Instead of picking up coffee after I drop my daughter off at daycare, it’s me simply going from my bedroom to the kitchen to my home office. For my own sanity, I had to set up the perfect coffee bar. Here’s what I did and what you can do to create the best coffee station at home.

Coffee Station Essentials

  • First, you need to find the perfect spot to house all of your coffee goodies, like your sugar, cream, k-cups or espresso pods. I love espresso and making Lattes. So I use espresso pods. So having a place to store espresso pods is important.
  • Second, Find the right coffee machine that fits your needs within budget. I knew I didn’t want an espresso machine that required a lot of barista work. So I opted for one that takes espresso pods.
  • Third, decorate your coffee station or bar with cute whimsical art that speaks to you.

OK, let’s jump into it. Using my Cricut Maker I created a storage holder for my espresso pods and created some cheerful art for my coffee bar.



Craft Tools

  • Cricut Maker
  • Knife Blade
  • Fine point blade
  • Scissors
  • StrongGrip Mat
  • StandardGrip Mat
  • Masking/Painter’s Tape
  • Transfer Tape
Cricut Maker

OK, Let’s Get Crafty!

Find this project HERE in the Cricut Design Space.

The Espresso Pod Holder.

This design was inspired by the latte coffee cups that would pick up every morning on my way to work. It’s designed to hold 12 pods. A 1.5mm chipboard works just fine. But for added stability a 2mm chipboard can be used.

Load the chipboard to a StrongGrip Mat and cut using a knife blade.

For the base of the espresso holder you will need a 1×4 craft board at least 1/2 in. thick. To create the insert for the holder I cut 3/4 into the board at a 10-degree angle, then cut it down to 3 inches. This can be done with a hand saw.

Coffee Bar Artwork.

I think adding some whimsical artwork is key to making your coffee station feel like a little getaway at home.

I say find a phrase or image that speaks to you and frame it. This can be as the phrase “Have a cup of cheer” or a silly image of a coffee mug with legs. Display what makes you happy. For my artwork I did a horizontal phrase in vinyl.

Transfer tape is key to laying it out on the canvas.

My at home coffee station.

I absolutely love my home coffee station. I’ve achieved the coffee house feel without the coffee house price. It’s an area where I can take a break and get ready to start my day before heading to my “office.”

I have a place to store my espresso pods and a whimsical piece of art that makes me smile.

This is the best at-home coffee station for me. I hope I’m able to inspire you so that you can also create the best at-home coffee station for you.

Now, ‘Have a cup of cheer.’ Till next time. ~ T. 😉

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Find this project HERE in the Cricut Design Space.

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