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DIY Etched Glass in Minutes

Step by step instructions on how to etch glass in less than 10 minutes, using 1 tool.

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It’s so easy to transform simple glass cups, containers and vases from thift and dollar store finds into etched glass that is more personalized.  You can add decorative accents like monograms, geometric lines, and or shapes. And you don’t need any harmful chemicals to create etched glass.  All you need to etch glass is a Dremel.  With a Dremel Stylo+ Versatile Craft Tool, it doesn’t take long to etch glass.  You can actually etch glass in less than 1 minute.



The Tool

The Dremel Stylo+ Versatile Craft Tool comes with a wide array of accessories. This tool is capable of carving, engraving, cleaning, polishing, sanding and of course etching.  This rotary craft tool is reasonable priced at $59.

It can be used on steel, wood, plastic, laminate, stone, glass and so many other materials.  With all the things that it can do it’s very easy to become overwhelmed.  I will admit, when I first got a Dremel craft tool, years ago,  I opened up the box and saw all those little pieces and I literally said, ‘ok…. this is a lot, I’ll come back to it when I have some time to figure this out.’  I didn’t pick up that box again for 2 years, when a friend actually walked me through how to use it.  He opened my eyes to all the things it was capable of doing.  It’s like I didn’t know I needed it until I needed it. And now I can’t imagine not having it in my toolbox.     

So the Dremel Stylo+ comes with a colorful quick reference guide.  Keep this on hand.  This color-coded outline depicts what each accessory does per application or job by the material.   It also provides guidance on the speed setting.  This tool comes with 5 speed settings.  Adjust it up and down depending upon the material and the accessory tip.

 To change out the bit accessory,  press down on the shaft lock button and using the collet wrench, loosen the collet nut by turning the wrench in the direction of the arrow labeled ‘to loosen’.    You can then insert the insert the bit we will be using for etching.  To etch glass use the .08in. bit ( Model #7103) set at speed 5.

Etching Glass

I picked up these oil and vinegar dispensers from my local dollar store and thought these would look great if it had a little something extra. So I decided to add some lettering. 

Here’s What you’ll Need

I have these adhesive stickers and as you can tell, they get a lot of use (hahaha).  But these are great for glass projects.  It sticks right to the glass and you don’t have to worry about the stencils moving as your etching the glass.  Of course, you can freehand everything.  That is a personal preference.  My handwriting sucks from too many years of texting.  Line the stencils out to spell whatever words you’d like.  Because these are oil and vinegar dispensers, I thought it was only fitting to label which is which.
With the letters spaced out like I liked it it was then time to outline the letters using the Dremel.

So when I say this project moves fast, I am not kidding.  It literally took me all of 3 – 4 minutes to etch ‘oil’ into this dispenser.   Have fun with it.  There are no rules. You can even go rougue and stagger the placement of the letters.
DIY Etched Glass - Dollar Tree Project - ToolBox Divas (1 of 28)Once the etching is complete remove the stencils and store it away for a future project.  With a Dremel Stylo+ you’re going to want to use them again, maybe in a project involving leather next time.

And you know what you’ve got? Well, You’ve got oil and vinegar…. LOL Now, where’s the salad?!

Take Aways


  • Dremel Stylo+ Versatile Craft Tool really has a lot to offer.  You can etch glass, carve into wood, and sand tiny tight spots.
  • The color code quick reference guide makes it easy to figure out what accessory applies for each job.
  • The accessories are interchangeable between most Dremel tools.
  • You can etch glass without the harmful chemicals in minutes.


  • This kit does not come with a back or container to house and store the accessories.  With all the little pieces it woul have been nice to have a place to store it.
  • This is a corded tool.  The cord can get in the way at times but you don’t have to worry about charging a battery.
  • This tool doesn’t have a stand to hold it in place when you set it down.

Dremel Stylo+ Versatile Craft Tool Review - how to etch glass @Toolboxdivas

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  1. Very cute project. I am assuming you could use just about any stencil as long as you tape it securely. Did you notice any dust while you were doing your letters? Do you think a person should wear a mask? Thanks for the good project.

    1. Thank you! Yes you can totally tape any stencil to the glass. Yes there is a little dust and I would recommend using a mask. Thank you so much for checking it out.

  2. Patricia Campos says:

    Excelente difusión de esta herramienta tan versátil. Hace tiempo buscaba algo así y está muy bien explicado su uso. Gracias!!!

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