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Super Easy DIY Kids Table and Stools

Easy woodworking tutorial for a DIY Beginner project. In this tutorial learn how to make a round kids table with stools that are paint-dipped and have personality.

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DIY Round Play Table with Dipped Stools @Toolboxdivas (7 of 74)

Hey Guys! I absolutely love making kids furniture. I am not a huge fan of all the plastic furniture that you find out in the market today. I also think making something for the kids has greater sentimental value.

Here is a super easy project for the kiddos that is perfect for the beginner DIYer/ woodworker. This Kids Table and Stools is something you can make during Naptime. Hahaha, It might just take a few naps if your kid is like mine with these super quick cat naps SMH. I love projects that can be done whiles the baby’s napping like How to Build a Modern Desk with Hairpin Legs: A Nap Time DIY and DIY Wooden Elephant Pencil and Phone Holder.

Recommended Tools For This Project

This is a great project you can do with bare minimum tools. If you new or looking for a great value toolset I highly recommend the RYOBI ONE+ 6PC Combo Kit. It has just about everything needed to get you started around the home fixing things and even building furniture. It comes with P215 Drill/Driver, P235a Impact Driver, P519 Reciprocating Saw, P505 Circular Saw, P343 Multi-tool, P705 Led Work Light, P189 1.5ah Battery, P197 4.0ah Battery, P118b 2a Charger, And Bag. The P343 Multi-tool features variable speed dial and lock-on trigger for optimal ergonomics. You can even use the Multi-Tool for sanding the wood for this project.

OK, Let’s Get Dirty!


Suggested Tools


The Stools

Step 1: Prepare the 2×10 stool tops. Cut the board down to 9.5″ and sand until smooth.

Step 2: Round the edges of the stool top. This can be done with a jigsaw 1st or just using a sander.

Round off the edges by taking a spray can and drawing a rounded edge.

Step 3: Mark the location for the leg plates.

Mark the location for the angled leg plates. I found a Speed Square works well.

I am not the best with angles. I should rephrase that. I ABSOLUTELY SUCK at angles. So no matter how many times its explained I can’t see it. I have to actually see it in the real form before I can figure out what I’m doing. These leg plates are angled at 12 degrees and I want the legs to stick out an angle. So you want to place the plates on the bottom of the stool also at an angle.

DIY Round Play Table with Dipped Stools @Toolboxdivas (19 of 74)

So I marked in 1″ from each edge and drew a square then using the speed square marked a 30-degree line creating a triangle at the corners. This will be my reference line for lining up the leg plates for each stool. Ok back to making legs using round dowels.

Step 4: Cut the 1″ round dowel down to 4 – 10.5″ pieces.

DIY Round Play Table with Dipped Stools @Toolboxdivas (20 of 74)
It really helps to put up a stop block for the repetitive cuts of the stool legs.

Step 5: Place the leg dowels into a clamp or vice and drill down into the center of the dowel using a 3/8″ spiral bit about 1.75 inches. It’s very important not to drill down too deep. So I found a marking off the stop point on the drill bit with masking tape particularly helpful.

Step 6: Using the 3/8″ Hex bit screw the threaded insert into the center of the dowel.

And Screw the threaded rod that comes in the leg plate kit into the round dowel until about 1/2″ of it sticks out. If you drilled the hole too deep it’ll go down too far. So don’t drill too deep or too little. This needs to be spot on.

IY Round Play Table with Dipped Stools @Toolboxdivas (73 of 74)

Step 7: Now attach the plates at the marked angle to the stool and screw in place the legs for the stool. Lightly sand down the bottom of each leg

Leg Attachment Alternative: If you’d like to avoid getting the angled leg plates, you can just drill a hole into the stool and place the legs in at an angle.

Mark the location about 1.5″ in from the edges. And Drill straight into the 2×10 using a 1″ Spade bit or 1″ Forstner bit. Cut each end of the dowel at 12 degrees. Use wood glue to hold in place.

The Table

Step 1: This is very similar to the stool in that you want to start by sanding down the round project board and mark off the location of where the leg plates will be attached.

DIY Round Play Table with Dipped Stools @Toolboxdivas (72 of 74)
I started by locating the center of the circle then made a square outline.

Step 2: Make the legs. Cut the 1 1/8″ round dowels to 4 – 18″ pieces. Follow the same steps as outlined under the stools from steps 5 -7.

Add some personality to your kids table and stools. Paint and Decorate with fun Emojis like these.

See, I told you this is a super easy project. Your kids will love their new Kids Table and Stools.

DIY Round Play Table with Dipped Stools @Toolboxdivas (33 of 74)
DIY Round Play Table with Dipped Stools @Toolboxdivas (1 of 74)

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  1. Hi! This is a great project! I am about to try to make this for my niece, but I have a few questions. How did you paint this? Did you use a primer? What kind of paint did you use? Did you seal the paint? I would really appreciate any guidance. Thank you!

    1. Hi Carmen! That’s fantastic! I used Behr sample paint from the Home Depot.I didn’t prime it. But I did have to apply 2 coats of paint.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I got fed up trying to find a decent kid’s table and chairs set. Everything online is at least $75 or more and has horrible quality reviews! I decided to see if I could DIY. I had no idea round project boards existed. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy I’m able to offer some inspiration. Your kids are going to love their new table.

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