6 Simple Low Cost Ideas to Create the Perfect Christmas Table Setting

Here are 6 simple solutions you can use to create the perfect tablescape this Christmas.  It’s creative and budget friendly.

Christmas is just days away and if you’re like my family, you already have a house full of people.   Christmas I already stressful enough. The last thing you’d want to worry about is how to set the table.  I’ve got 6 super easy and inexpensive things you can do using holiday decorations and items you typically have around the home during the holidays.  You’ll have your family and guests thinking you are the master hostess.

Gift Wrapping

OK,  gift wrapping paper, at Christmas you can’t ever have enough.  There’s always one more gift that needs wrapping.  Well take some of that gift wrapping paper and create placemats for your guests.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on placemats.  Many holiday gift wrapping paper come in all sorts of intricate designs and styles.  And best of all you can easily find one roll of really nice wrapping paper for under $6.

So cut the wrapping paper to the desired length and size and shape and lay it out on the table. And to top it off, you don’t have to worry about washing anything after dinner.  Just throw it in the trash for easy cleanup. 😉 …(you’re welcome  LOL)

The Napkins

So whether you opt for fabric napkins or those really fancy paper ones, this is an easy way to dress up simple white napkins.

All you need are some garland ties, berries or your favorite Christmas picks that match your decor.   Then you fold the napkin starting with a triangle.     Fold in the corners and roll it up. Hold it together with a garland tie and place the pick in the middle.

Go Gold with Gold Cutlery

Who doesn’t love bright shiny objects? I mean gold is hot and it just always makes everything feel a little bit more fancy and regal.  So forget the traditional silverware and go for the gold this season.

20pc Stainless Steel Silverware Set - Threshold™
20pc Stainless Steel Silverware Set – Threshold™

Drop Sparkly and  Shiny Ornaments

Now take those leftover ornaments from the tree and randomly place it on the table around the place settings and centerpiece.  Use various sizes and one with glitter and without glitter.  Mix up the texture and color. 


Create a Centerpiece

OK so depending on the amount of time you have you can purchase this or make it.  I always opt for making a lot of things but I know when you are pressed for time, sometimes you’ve just got to make it work.

But choose a centerpiece uses a lot of natural elements.  I love floral arrangements with Christmas tree branches and leaves.  And of course, I add more ornaments to it.   You really can never have too many ornaments.

Set the Mood with Candles

Candles add a nice warm glow to the table and table setting.  I love the overall look and feel of a table when candles are introduced. But candles can be pricey. On top of that add the cost of candle holders.  I really like using candle holders because it provides height to the tablescape.  But the overall cost of everything adds up quickly. I’m a huge proponent of using what you’ve got and making it work.  For candle holders repurpose something you already have.  Turn old martini glasses into holders by flipping it over and placing the candle atop the stem.  No one will ever see it coming….and they won’t exactly notice it right away LOL.


The holidays and Christmas can be a very stressful time with all its demands.  Take the pressure out and use what you have and make it work.   Happy Holiday!

6 Simple Low Cost Ideas to Create the Perfect Christmas Table Setting


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  1. Love this! Simple and affordable! I like doing a little bit of DIY at the holidays. Just a little 🙂

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