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How to Find the Perfect Gift for Christmas

christmas-trees-1042542_1280For many people, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but sometimes it can turn into a dreadful experience. Finding the perfect gift for a friend or relative can add a lot of stress to the otherwise busy period. It’s hard to get inside someone’s head and figure out what they want. With Christmas around the corner, you can see numerous people scrambling around in a desperate search for a decent present. If you are one of them, don’t worry. Here are some ideas to help you out on your quest for the perfect Christmas gift.

The Psychology behind Gift-Givingonline-shopping-1082728_1280

Before you start looking for gifts, you need to change your perception about this popular tradition. Gift-giving is commonly perceived as an exchange of physical items, rather than as a way to communicate our feelings towards somebody. When you give somebody a present, you are actually speaking to them. Instead of putting all your attention on the object, focus on the person. Have you ever received a gift and you instantly got aware of what it meant? Think what message you want to send. This method will help you come up with some really creative gift ideas.

However, thoughtfulness is not enough to find the right gift. According to different studies, the amount of thought put into the selection of present will not guarantee the receivers will like their gifts. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be thoughtful about the presents you give or you may get in an awkward situation. Just imagine the reaction of your wife when she finds set domestic cleaning tools, instead of the jewellery she wanted.

Make it an Event

The present itself is not the only thing that brings excitement. The expectation and the thrill of what you will find in your stocking or under the Christmas is a charming aspect of this cherished tradition. Rather than simply handling the present, create an experience. Hide the present and send the receiver to a scavenger hunt. Even when the item is long forgotten, they will remember how you made them feel.

Give as a Present an Actual Experience

We all want to do something interesting a bungee jumping or paragliding, but we postpone because it’s not a priority. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone gives you this experience as gift? Why don’t you do the same for someone special? Whether it’s a ticket for their favorite show or concert, this gift will surely hit the mark.

Ask Yourself What the Person Needs

If you don’t know what a person actually wants, you can at least consider what they need. Don’t think only about items. We all do need something beyond the material things. For example, what a busy mom would need? Maybe more time for her. Hiring a professional cleaning service to help her with her endless tasks will most certainly make her happy.

Add a Little Bit of Yourselfbag-21467_1280

Make a really personalized gift to someone special. Knit a scarf or create a piece of art as a complement to the main present. Or you can make something for them, like helping with the household and cleaning tasks.

Create a Gift Catalog

There are many gift giving services that can spare you the hassle of choosing a present. The service takes into account the occasion and the recipient’s interest and creates a customized catalogues. Then the receiver can pick what they want from their gift catalog and will get it delivered.


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