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The Space Saving Storage Solutions for all Your ‘Stuff’


Think hard, what is the biggest problem when moving house? It’s not the stress, nor the tedium that packing and unpacking represent. What people fear the most when moving to a new place is whether they can fit all their things in the new house! Sure that’s a problem. George Carlin has already educated millions about the importance of ‘stuff’ – you need your stuff, and more stuff, and a place to store your stuff. So after the relocation is all done and you see off the house movers, it is up to you to unpack your stuff and use that creativity you keep inside to find a place for everything. Here are some ideas to stir your storage imagination.

  • Add shelves. Yes, that is a simple solution – shelves will never be useless. Having more shelves means more space for books, candles, toys, decorations and others.
  • Add racks. Installing different types of racks in your kitchen will save you plenty of cabinet space. And there are so many racks to choose from – lid rack, pan rack, wine rack, etc. wine-rack-438443_1280
  • Add an étagère. Don’t worry, many people have problems with the pronunciation of that word as well. The important thing is that when you Google what it is, and later find and acquire one, you will no longer have storage problems in your bathroom, because the étagère will take everything you need it to.  An étagère is simply a fancy french word for open shelves.
  • Repurpose things. If you have difficulty finding containers for everything, surely you can dig out some old crates – fresh out of the relocation pile, for instance. Crates can be repurposed for a variety of things. It can be recycling containers in your garage, or if you pile them up and nail them together, it can be made into shelf racks for your ultimate convenience. head-560759_1280
  • Use baskets. Baskets are your best friends when you have a lot of similar items which you rarely use. You can pile everything inside, and simply remember what you have put in. One way you can remember is to write down on a sticky note what you place inside and stick it on the basket. Now all you need is a place for the basket – under the bed, in a closet, atop the wardrobe, wherever you can spare. shoes-107401_1280

If your imagination is in motion, you can proceed with making your own storage solutions, or you can simply use these. At the end of the day – now your new home has order, and it has plenty of space for you to fill with whatever else you want.

This article is written by Ella A. Ella is freelance writer and home décor specialist with years of experience. She finds her biggest inspiration in all sorts of home renovation, remodeling and interior design projects. For more tips and advice on organizing and storage from Ella click HERE.

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