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Chic and Elegant Tips on Decorating a Rental Room by Room

living-room-608558_1280Living in a rented space demands a certain level of adaptation. Usually, you are not allowed to do any drastic changes to the overall setting and are required to leave it in the state it was before you rented it. Luckily, this does not necessarily mean that nothing can be done to upgrade redesign your living space; and in most of the cases you are allowed to do at least some modifications to customize the living area to your preferences. Here are several chic and elegant rental decorating tips you can do in every room of your place.


Repainting the walls in all the rooms is a perfect way to start upgrading your living space. This will provide a good base to any change you wish to make, plus it enables you to set the foundation for the atmosphere you wish to create in each of the rooms and start turning the space into a home. Furthermore, it will make the place cleaner and fresh looking. Make sure you use this opportunity to get rid of all unnecessary things you have been moving and not using for years in an effort to make your home more spacious.

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Living room

Since this is probably the room where everyone spends most of their home time, lighting is key when it comes to upgrades. Therefore, get rid of those thick curtains and let the light in. Replace the chandeliers or other ceiling light fixtures if they do not match your aesthetic preference. If your living room is large, consider using a space divider to create separate small places for increased usability; these modifications can be dynamic without any drastic changes landlords probably would not approve in the first place. Lastly, include wall art in your living room to add a more personalized feel. Cozamia has an amazing array of artwork that mixes colorful fragments derived from paintings, drawings and photography.


Within the bathroom the shower stall can be the most elegant upgrade yet, beginning with the change of the shower head. This has several benefits, it’s hygienic, who knows who had been using it before you; aesthetic, it will be immediately visible; it can save money, a low flow shower head can save you money at the end of the day. Secondly, new shower curtains will also make your bathroom look fresher and cleaner. Consider changing the mirror and lighting fixtures.  Cool white lights work well in bathrooms. Naturally, save the old ones so that you can put them back in place when you move to a different apartment. Lastly, scented candle sets will surely make a difference and bring additional coziness, especially if long baths are what recharges you best.


Thiimage 2s is an area where many of us spend a lot of time in. If your in this group, you know how important it is to customize it to your needs. First, consider changing the kitchen faucet. I know at first it sounds a bit daunting but it’s a quick and easy fix that could make the world of difference when using the sink. Kitchen faucets are usually universal in size and dimensions so you can always take it along if you change the apartments or move to your next home. There are several chic models available and by this single move you will change the over all look of the kitchen. Another change, while small in nature but gigantic in impact, is changing out the cabinet handles. Match the new handles with new window treatments. Lastly, make your kitchen even more colorful by adding plants and flowers. All these things are easily packed and  can taken wherever you may go next.


Some may say that this is solely the place for sleeping and, apart from a comfortable bed, it needs no further attention. But I beg to differ. Make the bedroom your favorite place. Create a romantic love nest. Introduce a reading nook. Add dimmable lamps for mood lighting. Aromatic candles will further enhance the romantic mood and enrich the moments you spend with your beloved partner. On the other hand, if you are a keen bedtime reader, a nice night lamp coupled with a fold-able bookshelf will make a pleasant and handy difference.

Outside area

image 3This is an area of the house that is often overlooked when it comes to rental upgrades, which is utterly wrong. There are small, easily implementable upgrades that will make a world of difference. One of them surely is turning it into a space where you can spend time relaxing throughout a year, regardless if it is hot or warm.  A fire pit will help make the space usable long into the cooler nights and its easily disassembled and carried away to your next home.  Your outdoor room is sure to feel cozy in those chilly nights.

While these upgrades do not require a large budget but will definitely make a dramatic change turning your rental into your home. Please note that before making any changes or upgrades, be sure to consult with your landlord. In addition,  preserve all replaced items for re-installation prior to vacating the property. You may also have to repaint the walls to the original colors.

Happy Nesting!


Article written by Derek Lotts. Derek is a writer for Smooth Decorator where he writes about recycling, home improvement and design. For him it’s all about self-improvement. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet for the betterment of others. Connect with Derek Google+ / Twitter


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  1. These are great ideas! Renters certainly are limited in what they can do. It’s too bad because I think so many of them would actually benefit the landlord with their decorating skills, lol.

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