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What to Wear?

Do you suffer from wardrobe anxiety every morning? Does this sound familiar? ” I have absolutely nothing to wear.” Here are a few tips that will help tailor your closet and keep you inspired at the same time.

First things first – Find a few of your best friends, turn up the tunes and get the libations flowing. You remember that scene from Sex and The City (The Movie), how could you ever forget?!

Closets are my number one request and one of my absolute fav’s, so let’s get started shall we! Sex and The City


1. Taking Inventory:
Know what you have. Go through your closet ever so often and edit. Sounds daunting, but really this should be fun. Think of it this way. This is a time for you to create outfits, find homes for every stitch that you own and to donate those items that are outdated, trends gone wrong, no longer fit, and or unworn within the last 6-12 months.

2. Have a Critical Eye and Use Logic:
Time for your girlies to get involved! You never know, perhaps you can swap items.

Create four (4) piles, KEEP, RECYCLE, DONATE, and TRASH. The goal is to rid your closet of items that are just collecting dust and frankly taking up space for something shiny and new! Whether you throw the unwanted items away, donate it to your local shelter or gift it to a friend, be sure to follow through.

Don’t be afraid to try on items and strut your stuff. Your friends can help you make decisions about certain pieces. Keep in mind though that you have to live with your decision and you should have the final say.

Even if your alone still try on pieces for fit. Is it flattering? Does it need tailoring?  Be sure to have a full length mirror.

cluttered wardrobeBe critical and logical! Ask yourself, “Have I worn this in the last 6 -12 months?”

If the answer’s no in the DONATE bag it goes!
So many of my clients start this process but never quite finish. After you create each pile ,take the initiative to take the items to be discarded to their appropriate destinations. Your bestie’s house, consignment, goodwill and or the trash. Try your best not to create the piles and say, “I’ll get back to this.” This totally defeats the purpose.

3. Get Inspired:

Your creating your very own private boutique. Sift through fashion magazines, and catalogs, check out blogs, even take pictures in your local retail stores (with permission of coarse).  Feel free to hang the pictures you’ve gathered – create a vision board for your closet.  All in all, do what it takes to be motivated and inspired.  My vision board hangs on the wall in my closet. It’s a constant reminder of my goals and business objectives!  My most important piece of advice is that your closet should be uniquely-you. Create an environment that is inviting. A clutter free closet will certainly start your day off right, especially when you sleep through your alarm!

My Vision Board. It Inspires me.

4. Style your Closet:

Once you’ve discarded the items that you no longer need, it’s now time to “style” your closet in a way that is most efficient. So you can stop saying to yourself, ‘I have nothing to wear’, or ‘I cant find a thing.’ Consider investing in new hangers and shoe plastic boxes. Uniformity is key.  I personally use felt Huggable Hangers and clear plastic containers. Find them at Amazon,  Target or The Container Store. The hangers save space and don’t leave creases.  Never worry about clothes falling off the hanger again. *No wire hangers please! The clear boxes keep your shoes dust free and contained. They are stackable, plus they help you to find the shoes your looking for; quickly.

Now, group like garments together – Short sleeve, long sleeve, dress paints, skirts, dresses, denim. Hang them and store according to color, within their select groups. My clothes are hung according to the color spectrum or R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. [red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, violet]. This helps to focus the eye, and makes finding your favorite pink shirt a synch. 🙂

Place all of your shoes in clear containers and stack them according to color as well.

Womans Organized Wardrobe

5. Daily Maintenance:

After categorizing and color-coding your wardrobe it will be easier to maintain because every item will have a home.  After wearing an item,  clean and place it back where it lives. Thus eliminating chaotic search in a time crunch.

When the seasons change, consider switching out seasonal items and storing others.

In-order to really start the journey to living an organized lifestyle, you must edit and cut down on the clutter, define your style, and get into a routine of putting items back in their “homes” when you finish using them. I hope these tips help you rid the anxiety of the morning rush. Knowing what you have in your closet is half the battle!

To get through this process a little easier, Here are some POSH printables to help you along the way.

Remember, ” Organization is not a destination, its a lifestyle.” We can help!


If you are in Atlanta or Maryland and find that even with these tips that you require a professional organizer to walk you through each step, consider the team at POSH Life. Find out more at

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