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DIY Striped Vase with Succulents

Get a high-end look on a dime with this designer inspired vase with succulents for a modern Fall decor vignette on a budget!succulent vase and modern fall vignette bright

Hi there! I’m so excited to be joining you for the first time. I’m Kathy and I blog at Up Date Interiors where I love to get my hands on anything colorful, eclectic, and global. I know as a Toolbox Diva you love a good inexpensive DIY with chic results. So I wanted to share a simple way to create a designer inspired piece for your Fall decor.

DIY Succulent Vase

I absolutely adore Kate Spade and Anthropologie decor pieces but not so much the price. When I found a black and white vase on sale at Joanne’s I knew I could turn it into something special. The vase already reminded me of Kate’s iconic striped pieces but I loved seeing flowers and succulents right on the vase in stores like Anthropologie and Franc Franc (a store I used to frequent in Japan).  So this fun DIY could really turn any vase into a piece of art. white and black striped vase with yellow hot glue gun, plant, and succulents

Here’s what you need for a DIY Succulent Vase

Try to choose a succulent or two in warmer tones like yellow and orange to make this vase more seasonal for Fall. If you are thinking Spring or Summer yellow and pinks mixed in would be perfect!

How to Make a designer inspired vase

  1. First trim wires or stems close to the head of the succulent head.
  2. Layout 3-5 pieces in varying sizes and textures until you find an arrangement you like. I had succulents cover about two-thirds of the vase side.

    faux succulents

  3. Start with a center succulent about three quarters up on your vase and secure with hot glue. fuax succulent glued to striped vase
  4. Apply the remaining succulents keeping the overall arrangement shape organic as opposed to an oval or circle.
  5. If you mess up you can easily pull off the succulent, peel off the hot glue, and reposition!

Now to really make this lovely statement pop for Fall let’s style it! You could easily put some Fall foliage in the vase for a lovely centerpiece. But if you want to style it on a bookshelf, dresser, or buffet try placing it on a stack of books in Autumn hues with other nods to the season like deer antlers and pumpkins and gourds.white and black striped vase with succulents on vase

modern fall vignette with orange books and black and white striped vase with succulents

It can be so easy to create designer inspired pieces for the fraction of the cost with a little imagination. If you loved this succulent vase idea then you would probably enjoy my Kate Spade designer vase and an Anthropologie inspired DIY plant hangers.fern in white pot with black and white striped vase and succulents

So tell me, do you decorate for Fall right when school starts or do you wait until the weather cools down and leaves change color?  I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and let’s chat!striped vase with orange books and antlers for fall decor

bright styled shot with pumpkins, antlers, fern, and succulents


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  1. Beautiful decoration. I willingness to make that the one. Thanks for give a chance to know some interesting decoration.

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