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How to Make The Cutest No Sew Fabric Pumpkins

Hey guys, I am not a sewer. I mean I do not sew. I don’t try and I’m always looking for a solution in which I can get the same look without having to sew it. My thoughts are this just always either way right. With it being fall all I’m seeing everywhere are all these cute adorable fabric pumpkins. When I look deeper and read the articles about the pumpkins it always involves sewing something. Yeah I’m not feeling anything so I was just trying to come up with a no-sew solution and still get that super cute adorable look like those fabric pumpkins you pick up in the checkout aisle at home goods or Marshalls.

Let’s get crafty!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Styrofoam ball
  • Burlap Garland or Green fabric
  • Fabric
  • Twigs
  • Paper thin wire
  • Raffia
  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands
  • Hot glue gun
  • glue sticks


  1. Verify cutting a small square of the burlap Garland. Cut enough fabric to wrap around the Styrofoam ball
  2. Take the twig and stick it in the center of a styrofoam ball.
  3. Push the styrofoam ball down on the table surface. This will flatten the base of the ball so that it will stand upright.
  4. Using the scissors cut a hole in the center of the burlap Garland. Place in around the stem of the twig. 
  5. Wrap the fabric around the styrofoam ball and secure it with the rubber band.
  6. Trim any excess fabric and use the hot glue gun to hem any stray ends on the fabric. Using the hot glue gun you can’t even turn it under to make a sort of fluffy skirting around the stem of the pumpkin.
  7. Trim any excess off of the burlap garland and using the hot glue gun shape to form a leaf pattern.
  8. Accessorize with the paper stem wire and the raffia. You can use a pencil to wrap the stem wire around the pencil. This will create a curly look on the stem.


Enjoy your precious no-sew fabric pumpkins make them in all sizes and show off your creation proudly to your friends and family because you made that.



Check out another DIY no-sew pumpkin project that you can do in a weekend, as well as scrap wood pumpkins that you can make in under 30 minutes.

The items used in this project:

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  1. Mary Loveland says:

    Really cute and look easy to make, well done!

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