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Quick 30 Minute DIY Wooden Block Pumpkins

This is probably the quickest wooden DIY pumpkin project that you can do on the planet. Literally, it won’t take you 15-30 minutes and most of the time is waiting for the paint to dry.


Here is what you’ll need:


  1. Start by cutting the one by 6 to size
  2. Cut the round wooden dowels 1 to 2 inches in length. I like cutting the wooden dowels an angle on both sides this adds a nice visual interest where those stems is not exactly up right.
  3. Stain or paint the 1×6 and dowels
  4. What’s the pain is dry use a hot glue gun to attach the stem to the top of the 1×6.
  5. Accessorize using Raffia and the paper stand wire. You can even draw a picture of your favorite Jack O’Lantern facial expression. Go crazy have fun with this process customize your pumpkin to stitch your style and your personality.






Okay…Yeah, you are done. I did say that this is probably the easiest fastest scrap wood pumpkin you can make on the planet.

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Items Used in this project:

Ryobi Hot Glue Gun


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