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4 Ways To Make a Tiny Bathroom Seem Bigger

small bath by source: David Jimenez
Small chic bathroom design with rectangular pivot mirror, white pedestal sink, polished chrome fixtures, white medicine cabinet and glass canisters. source: David Jimenez

A small living room is a crying shame, but give it just two electrical outlets and it can be turned into a space that fell straight from heaven. But a tiny bathroom? Ugh!

Having to go without cabinets, counters, or wall space should be criminal! We need to be able to move around, and we sure as heck need to have a place for all those bathroom “necessities.” But how do you make more space without tearing down a wall to make a whole new bathroom? With these simple fixes! Making the most of bathroom fixtures, storage space, organization, and counters will make that bathroom feel bigger than ever!


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Basic Fixtures

Bathrooms with freestanding tubs may hog a lot of wall space, but that bare wall can house towel bars just as much as wall decor. Any “dead” wall space can be maximized by converting it into a functional or multipurpose space. Toilet paper holders or towel hooks can be incorporated into shelving for a handy two-in-one unit that will blend function with decor. And that empty space above the bathroom door? Use that for shelving that will keep backup products and toilet paper in sight for guests without making them an eyesore.

Mirrored Storage Cabinets

Light does wonders with opening and brightening a space, so mirrors are a lovely addition to any size bathroom. Double that space by adding storage to your mirrors. Hang mirrors on a wall that will reflect the most light into your small space Shanty 2 Chic designed ther perfect full-length mirror storage case  or consider a DIY recessed medicine cabinet that will offer hidden shelving as well as bright lighting.


Photo Credit: Shanty 2 Chic

And if your bathtub is home to more toys and bottles than any shower caddy can handle, upgrade storage space with a shower rod. Fix the rod in place along the wall and bins, baskets, and loofahs can now be hung from simple hooks. Hide it behind a lovely shower curtain and no one will ever know it’s there!     


If you’re lucky enough to have cabinets, install pull-out drawers or sliding organizers that will have all those products and cleaners within your reach. Deep bins and baskets are especially helpful for small spaces because they can hold an armful of bottles and accessories while keeping everything contained and accessible. But if you’re without the cabinetry, have no fear. Window bins and wicker boxes are perfect for hanging from doors or towel bars.

Got counters? Make the most of them by using a stacked serving plate to hold makeup, lotion, extra soaps, and other everyday items. Makeup accessories can also get organized by creating a framed magnet board or throwing magnetic strips on your cabinet doors (the best remedy for those elusive bobby pins).    

Counter Space

Small Spaces Over-the-Faucet Shelves By: Small Spaces
Small Spaces Over-the-Faucet Shelves
By: Small Spaces

A tiny bathroom has little to no counter space, so every square inch matters. Floating shelves are a popular fix, but you can save yourself even more clutter by looking up the ceiling.  Thanks to a little rope and an S-hook, baskets, bins and even planters can be turned into a tiered hanger for towels, makeup, or whatever you have to throw in them. Space it just right, and you get the HUGE aesthetic bonus of keeping things in reach while keeping them out of eye level.  

Be Different Act Normal

Photo Credit: Be Different Act Normal

Now that you’ve got tips to follow, tell me about the most impossible bathroom space you’ve ever seen. Did it get fixed? What did you do?

Article written by Ash Stevens, blogger over at One Damn Good Woman. Ash is a mother, writer, and a wannabe shaman. She loves health, gardening, simplicity,culture, chocolate, and sarcasm. If she isn’t writing about family and relationships on her blog, then she’s surely playing badminton with the kids. Find her onTwitter or Facebook and make a new friend!

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