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Best Gardening Gloves

Digz Signature Women’s Medium Work Gloves are the best gardening gloves I’ve owned.  

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As I move further along in my pregnancy there are fewer and fewer things that I can actually still physically do.  Gardening is one of those things I absolutely love. And it’s not labor-intensive, at least not container gardening.  However, it is extremely important in my state especially to wear proper gloves that protect from chemicals, soil-borne bacteria, and other irritants.  Also, I just hate the idea of dirt under my fingernails.  So I was extremely excited to test out the Digz Signature Hi-Dex Medium Gloves through the Home Depot Prospective Tool Review program.

The Fit

In the past, I’ve tried a number of gardening gloves. They were all mostly ill-fitted for my hands. I even had people make fun of my old gloves LOL.  They were either too tight or way too big.  Things to consider when selecting a pair of gloves is flexibility, grip, fit and overall appeal (the look). AKA it should “fit like a glove”.  I think these 4 things are so important.  So let’s start with flexibility.  Digz Signature Hi-Dex Medium Gloves has a stretchable back.  This provides flexibility and comfort while pulling weeds and digging into the soil.

These gardening gloves also score pretty high on the grip meter.  It’s reinforced leather palm and finger and thumb patches allow you to grip items like flower pots and tools even when it’s wet. 

These gloves are designed for female hands, so it fits my hands perfectly.  And the Digz Signature Hi-Dex Medium Gloves come in a variety of colors including one green, trimmed with the cutest peachy coral tones. I LOVE IT… You had me at Coral.

Glove Features

Digz Signature Hi-Dex Medium Gloves are made for indoor and outdoor use.  The gloves are made of synthetic leather and spandex.  Its durable and machine washable.  Other features include:

  • Reinforced leather palm and finger and thumb patches
  • It has touch screen capabilities
  • Stretchable back for comfort
  • Fits women’s hands
  • Machine washable

Overall I love these gloves.  It’s the first pair of gardening gloves that are extremely comfortable to wear and aren’t embarrassing.


The best features about the Digz Signature Hi-Dex Medium Gloves have to be:

  • It comes in a variety of festive colors that brighten my mood the moment I put them on.  
  • Made to fit women’s hands.  I love that its a perfect fit. 


If I would change anything it would be that these gloves aren’t water-resistant. However, on the bright side, it is machine washable.  So at the end of the day when its all dirty I can drop them in the wash.


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