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RIDGID 14 Gal. 6.0-Peak HP NXT Wet Dry Vacuum Review

This a review of the EMERSON/RIDGID 14 Gal. 6.0-Peak HP NXT Wet Dry Vacuum.

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The RIDGID 14 Gal. 6.0-Peak HP NXT Wet Dry Vacuum is a vacuum that is designed to take on large heavy duty tasks.  And with 6.0 peak horsepower it has increased suction, lift, and power.   Here’s what I experienced when I tested it out.

What’s Included

Priced at $89, the RIDGID 14 Gal. 6.0-Peak HP NXT Wet Dry Vacuum comes with a lot.  

  • 2-1/2 in. x 7 ft. tug-a-long dual-flex locking hose
  • 2-extension wands
  • utility nozzle
  • wet nozzle
  • car nozzle
  • and a fine dust filter VF5000


Specs and Features

The RIDGID 14 Gal. 6.0-Peak HP NXT Wet Dry Vacuum is has a large capacity two-piece drum for heavy-duty, pro-level clean-ups.  This feature would have come in so handy that time my hot water heater failed.  It comes with a fine dust filter VF5000 which captures 99.5% of all dust particulates.  This includes sawdust, general debris, cement dust, fine powders, and cold ashes.   This vacuum also comes equipped with the Lifetime Ridgid Warranty. It also has a 20 feet power cord that wraps around the top handle for easy storage.



First Impressions

I used the RIDGID 14 Gal. 6.0-Peak HP NXT Wet Dry Vacuum to clean out my car.  I haul a lot of wood and crap in my car.  So that task was no easy task.  But this vacuum handled the mess and fine particulates in the carpet like a pro.  

First, the 20 feet cord came in extremely handy.  I was able to run the cord from the garage outside to both sides of the car. My favorite feature is the locking accessories.  The locking accessories lock onto the wand and hose to create a secure attachment from drum to hose to tool.  It’s really a genius concept if you think about it.  Once I was done with the car I rolled it back into the garage to see how it would handle the sawdust.  I had never experienced this type of strength in my previous wet vac of another brand, who is not to be mentioned.    

In the past, I would constantly have to stop because my hose was clogged or something.  That was not the case with the RIDGID 14 Gal. 6.0-Peak HP NXT Wet Dry Vacuum.  I finished cleaning the garage in no time.  And when I was done, I turned the hose around and blew the dust off my clothes.  

One thing that I added to the blowing port was a RIDGID 2-1/2 in. Muffler/Diffuser for RIDGID Wet/Dry Vacs.  It reduced the noise of the vacuum and didn’t interfere with its suction capabilities at all.  Also the blower port wasn’t just gushing air out as I worked with this. 


RIDGID 2-1/2 in. Muffler/Diffuser for RIDGID Wet/Dry Vacs

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, this thing sucks! No, seriously the RIDGID 14 Gal. 6.0-Peak HP NXT Wet Dry Vacuum picks up everything and with great force. I love it. I loved it so much I bought a 2nd one for in the house. Don’t judge me. Just get one.  You won’t regret it.  This is one of the best wet/dry vacs on the market.

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