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Upcycle: From Drawer Fronts to Picture Frames

Decorative pieces don’t always require a lot of money.  With a couple of drawer fronts I took off an old dresser I was able to reuse to make wall art. I removed the drawer fronts. Upon determining the desired width and length of the frame, I used a table saw to cut the ends off with the trim molding.  This can also be done with a circular saw or a hand saw.  However, a table saw created clean straight cut.

Next, using a miter saw the frame pieces were cut at a 45 degree angle. Glue the frame together using clamps and I used blue painters tape to provide additional support holding the frame together.  Once the glue has dried use a nail gun on the back securing the pieces at the 4 corners.

And the best part — its almost free. #Repurpose

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