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Glittered Reindeer Ornament with Cricut

DIY Christmas Ornaments in the shape of Reindeer using glittered cardstock and the Cricut Explore.

It’s Glitter Season Baby! And that means it’s time to make holiday decorations.  I love making Christmas ornaments like these 7 Quick and Easy DIY Toddler Proof Christmas Ornaments.  I just hate all the glitter that stays in my hair and eyelashes for weeks once I’m done.  So this year lets make some ornaments using the Cricut Explore and Glittered Cardstock. It’s so simple and easy, you can do it with the kids. 




Yields: 1 Ornament


Let’s Get Crafty

  1. Upload the images into the Cricut Design Space.   Set the size to 4W x 5.9H.  Create a duplicate of the image and Flip horizontally 1 of the images.  It is important one image is the mirrored image of the other because glittered paper is typically only 1 sided and you’ll be gluing the sides together.
  2. Set the Cricut Explore to Cardstock.
  3. Load the cardstock on the LightGrip Mat to the Cricut. Make sure the fine point blade is loaded.   
  4. Make sure your deer images are positioned as you’de like them cut on the Mat within the Mat in the screen cutting area And hit “C” to start the cutting process.
  5. Once cut using the weeder and tweezers remove the two deer images from the mat and glue together. Allow time to dry. 
  6. String the tiny jingle bells and tie the neck of the reindeer using the invisible thread.
  7. Now run the invisible thread through the hole at the top of the ornament and hang it up.  





This is a great project to do with the kids.  It’s simple and easy to do.  This ornament can be completed in less than 30 minutes.  Experiment with colors to create a wide range of colorful glittered Reindeer ornaments. Happy Holidays. ~T.


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