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8 Spooktacular DIY’s to Decorate for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and we are all excited. Is there a more fun season than this? The incredible decor, the costume parties, the trick-or-treaters, the delicious treats… The only downside is the cost of the decorations. Why so expensive? Here are a few simple ideas to decorate your home without spending much.

Wall of Bats

Nothing more traditional on Halloween than bats. You can make some simple paper bats out of black cardstock or construction paper and tape them on the wall for an incredible effect. Take an hour off, invite the older kids to join you and together you can quickly make a lot of bats, enough for creating an interesting stream.

Spider Webs

Source: Frazzled & Frugal

Spiders webs are also a big part of Halloween, and you can easily make some with things you already have in your house. In this DIY you can learn how to make some with trash bags, but being creative you can also make an interesting one out of black yarn or even use masking tape to make an awesome design on the wall.

Floating Ghosts

An incredible way to make your house more spooky is by making a floating ghost. You’ll only need cheesecloth, cornstarch, water and some kind of support, that can be a ball, bottles, balloon, wire, whatever you need to make the shape. Soak the cloth in the starch(either liquid starch or microwaved cornstarch with water), leave it drying overnight and then remove the support. The result is amazing!

Door Decor

Spooky Skeleton-Wreath-Finished
Spooky Skeleton Wreath Source: The Inspiration Vault

You can mummify your door using crepe paper streamers and make big eyes using white and black paper, or you can make other monsters using different fabrics, paper and tape. As long as you add a pair of big and scary eyes, any way you choose to decorate your front door will look amazing.

Bleeding Candles

Candles are always a great addition to your home, especially on the holidays. You can choose to add the spirit of Halloween on a normal looking candle by lighting a different colored one, preferably red or black, and let it drip down onto the top of and sides of a white or light colored candle. It’s great for the living room and for when you’re having guests over. They’re gonna love it!

Crime Scene

Using only masking tape and a yellow crime scene tape, you can make an awesome decoration for the lobby or garage entrance. Lay out a rough outline of a person on the floor using the masking tape and secure the area with the yellow crime scene one. A simple and creative Halloween idea!

Zombie Outbreak

Using old cardboard boxes you can easily make this awesome zombie barricade that you can display on a window. Draw some simple lines imitating wood on rectangular pieces of cardboard and for the hands, you can outline them and then spray paint it black. Even though it’s simple and inexpensive, it looks amazing!


pumpkins-469641_960_720Don’t underestimate the power of using pumpkins in the decoration. Ok, it may be cliché, but being creative, there are various different ways you can add it to your home and still look amazing. You can make some interesting designs for a jack o’ lantern, maybe paint it in different colors, add some stickers or even write and draw on it using a sharpie. Let the creativity flow!


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