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DIY Renovations Still as Popular as Ever

DIZ renovations

The ratings for numerous home improvement TV shows on HGTV, FOX, TLC and DIY Network, are constantly growing, but instead of watching the TV with a bowl of popcorns within reach and a remote on the right, people are actually learning and implementing some of the solutions they see in those shows. While there is no data to prove the link between growth in DIY renovations and home improvement shows, it is reasonable to assume that this phenomenon contributes to homeowners’ enthusiasm to start alterations and additions to their properties. The appeal of these shows lies in getting an insight in remodeling their homes or flipping a house, but especially in the very low budget needed for such upgrades. How exactly does that impact on an actual house renovation and the position of professionals in remodeling business and which are the primary benefits of taking matters into your own hands?

DIY vs. Hiring Professionals

It seems that DIY reached its peak in the entire world. In UK, for instance, 70 percent of homeowners choose to tackle the renovation projects on their own over hiring professional contractors. A strong move towards DIY can also be seen in US, Australia and other parts of the world.

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What does that mean for contractors?

Well, homeowners are still hiring them for larger projects where irregular doing could have serious consequences, such as bathroom and the kitchen. Very few owners decide to renovate these two rooms on their own. Replacing the roofing, installing the HVAC system and projects that require replacing or repairing internal water pipes, major equipment and appliances and working with electrical system are almost always done by professionals. Homeowners often don’t have the tools or the knowledge to tackle these endeavors.

So, what is left for homeowners to do?

Well, a lot of things. They can replace plumbing fixtures, or do a full renovation of the living room and bedroom (if they don’t require tearing down the walls and working with electricity). Some of the most popular and cost-effective DIY projects include painting, finishing a basement, landscaping, creating storage, adding molding, installing shelves, stripping & staining wooden cabinets and replacing the fireplace mantel.
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DIY Projects that Increase Property Value

According to an Australian property website Lifull when searching for a property to rent or buy, most of the clients are willing to pay more for a well insulated house – a quite simple DIY undertaking, especially if the only thing that your home is currently missing is the attic insulation. Other projects that are worthy of your attention are low-maintenance landscaping, replacing the kitchen backsplash, small bathroom updates (replacing lighting fixtures, adding a textured wallpaper, repainting the vanity), basement or attic renovation (people love getting an additional room they can use as family space, kids’ room, private gym, home office, etc.), and repainting the entry door.

DIY Adds Character to the House

Maybe not as important factor as money and ROI, but adding character to the house also plays an important role in the popularity of DIY renovations. Homeowners love when their house reflects their personality and when it has something different than all the other houses. So doing your own moldings may not seem as a big of a deal, but when finished, you know that it is something you made and that makes it entirely unique.
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The Link between Interior Design Style and DIY

The trend of vintage interior design has also contributed to DIY phenomenon. Instead of purchasing completely new and expensive furniture pieces, homeowners can now only take their old furnishings or buy pre-loved at flea markets, and repurpose or repaint them. DIY projects fit into one more interior design style very well – industrial style that takes us back to the turn-of-the-century industrial era emphasizes liberal use of reclaimed wood, bricked walls and exposed steal – all of it can be found on local flea markets and repurposed into functional design elements. Farmhouse décor also incorporates the DIY projects very nicely, especially floating shelves, log end tables, wooden wall racks and pallet wine racks.

There is no doubt that the DIY movement will continue to grow, especially now that many of the contractors themselves are keeping up with the trends and posting renovation tips on their blogs. However, there will always be some areas of the home that are better left to the professionals.

This article was written by Zoe. Zoe is a proud mom of one baby girl and a miniature schnauzer. When not obsessing about designing perfect homes, Zoe is spending time with her family. You can find her on Twitter.


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