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Spruce up a Bathroom with New Towels

New towels are an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up the look of a boring or dated bathroom.   I’ve teamed up with Serena & Lily to showcase its Calistoga Bath Collection.

** This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I think it’s important to change the look in a room from time to time.  But for some reason, the bathroom, my guest bathroom, is almost always forgotten.  Other than to clean it, I haven’t really made an effort to decorate it and change out the colors.  So when I received a set of towels from Serena and Lily from its new Calistoga Bath Collection, I was thinking this is an excellent opportunity to spruce up the bathroom a little.  And Ya’ll, these towels are nice!! They are thick and heavy with longer fibers.

Towels can really set the tone for the bathroom.  If you have a neutral colored bathroom you can easily add color with the towels.  Serena and Lilly have a ton of bath towel options to pick from. The Calistoga Bath Collection come in a variety of colors like marine, oat, aqua, horizon, pink sand and pewter just to name a few.  I went for the marine color. It’s different from the colors I normally go with, but I wanted to try something different.  Plus it’s still in the blue family and you know I’m obsessed with the color blue.

Things to consider when selecting towels: Absorbency, Softness, and  Durability.

The Calistoga towels are made from Turkish Aegean cotton. And if you’re not familiar with Turkish cotton or Turkish bath towels their known to be extremely soft. It’s  Moisture-wicking meaning its draws moisture off the skin to the outside of the fabric.  And Turkish cotton dries very quickly.

So it’s easy to say that when it comes to softness and absorbency this is probably one of the best luxury bath towels ever. But I also consider durability when selecting bath towels. I am using these towels to freshen up my guest bathroom, which means these towels will be laundered more frequently as guests wash and dry their hands. I tested the durability of these towels by throwing them into the wash.

When removed the towels were lofty. It maintained its color and were still nice and soft.

The ultimate test for these towels came when I turned my back and came back to the bathroom to find my nephew had really taken to these towels.

And he was not willing to give back the towel without putting up a fight.  What can I say… Kid tested. Kid approved. 


So if you’re like me and you’re looking for ways to freshen up your bathroom, consider making the change by adding or changing out the towels.  Towels are functional and offer and quick and easy solution to adding color and interest to a bathroom.  In addition, it’s affordable.

Check out the latest towel collection from Serena and Lily.  Valid for one week only, Serena and Lily is offering 15% percent off! Just use code “TOWELCRUSH15.”  You can’t go wrong when it comes to combining both style and function.



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