Cent-Sational Salvage Challenge

Don Ta Ta Don….Introducing the Cent-Sational Salvage Challenge

Recently I met up with a couple of my fellow DIY/woodworking blogger friends and we discovered we all share the love.  We love old things. Now some may refer to these “things” as trash or junk,  but I simply say its vintage.  Yes it may have been found on the side of the road or even laying in a dumpster but its still good…There’s still value to be found in these things we salvage.  And we just knew we couldn’t be the only people on the planet that feel this way.  And that’s when it hit us ( By “us” I mean my friends Erica, who’s riding high On Bliss Street and Jason, who’s taking over YouTube creating an army of East Coast Upcylcers, and myself, a ToolBox Diva, hammering my way from one project to the next), we couldn’t be the only ones fascinated by salvaged treasures.  So together we came up with the Cent-sational Salvage Challenge.
It’s Goal:
  1. To Bring awareness to Habitat for Humanity ReStore Centers and the awesome work that Habitat for Humanity does.
  2. To Bring together some incredibly talented, creative and all around awesome bloggers and makers from all over the nation.

SO…If you are cheap, mildly creative and can totally turn $15 into a “cent-sational salvage”! Join upcyclers nationwide in this monthly challenge to upcycle a common item or building material on a budget. Its an opportunity for you to meet like minded DIYer’s while promoting your personal and/ or organization’s talents.

Joining is simple: simply upload your picture to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and use the #itscentsational and we’ll find it!  We’ve got eyes everywhere you know.

April’s Challenge Begins with Kitchen Utensils!

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She is my “sister from another mister.” This dumpster diving wife and mama of 3 is a habitual DIY-er obsessed with upcycling. She’s empowering women and men alike to pick up a hammer, get out of their comfort zone and build something.
Jason and several upcyclers from the east coast started East Coast Upcyclers in order to provide a trusted resource for buying, selling and building upcycled in their home towns.  Their blog has some great how to videos for building things out of vintage doors, shutters, windows and all kinds of other building material.  Click the picture above for an extensive list of projects out of pallets like tables, sectional sofas, picture frames, crates and videos with tips about where to find pallets, how to tell if they are safe and how to pull them apart.
Hey! My name is Jessica, I am a mama to one beautiful little girl, a craft store business owner (American Clutter LLC), coffee drinking, creative soul who runs the blog called Live Randomly Simple. Live Randomly Simple started as a way to share the upcycled projects we make for the craft store but it turned into so much more than that. I am thrilled to be a part of this challenge and I cannot WAIT to see what everyone comes up with..we are definitely going to need our creative juices for this!
Sharon began to blog about her fixings and makings in this nice blog called, Make It Or Fix It Yourself!  Proud of her blog, she loves working on it because it allows her to express herself and help others along the way.  Isn’t that the point of blogging? So, if she can share something with someone to help their day, then she’s truly satisfied.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have fun along the way!


 We’re Naomi and Sage, two first-time home owners in fixer-upper homes.  We blog about our DIY journey, sharing our numerous and incredible successes (while relying heavily on hyperbole) as well as the inevitable disasters that happen along the way.  With our love of makeovers and thrift shopping, we could not be more thrilled to take on this challenge!  
(Our first idea for a makeover involving ugly old kitchen utensils?  Burying them in the yard so we don’t have to look at them any longer.  We’ll work on something better, though.)
Christie from Sparkles of Sunshine almost always has a DIY project in the works! On her blog you’ll find inspiration and tutorials for DIY projects, furniture transformations, crafts, household tips, and recipes. She’s excited about participating in this challenge because she loves taking old things and giving them a new life and purpose!


And then there’s Me…Timisha


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