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Turn a Clearance Find into a Treasure Box

While out perusing the aisles of Homegoods one day I came across this box thing in the clearance section. I really don’t know its original intended purpose.  But I knew instantly, I had to have it!  It would be perfect for a jewelry box to house all of my trinkets and such.  This thing was a little beat up with broken hinges, damaged trim work and ugly hardware.  However,  I knew with a little ingenuity and creativity I could bring some life to this….well whatever this was.

I am an artist. So I always have loads of acrylic paint laying around. So I used what I had.  Instead of making a trip to a home improvement store for small container of sample paint, I used what I had.  This paint job was also very small. In a larger project it would be more cost effective to buy paint from a paint center. 
Using a hot glue gun I attached a small mirror in the middle of the top right shelf. and changed the dated brass knob for something more fitting to a …well a stylishly fabulous diva.  I added small 1/2″ screw cup hooks
on the two sides of the cabinet, as well as inside.  Create small pre-drill holes to allow easy attachment of the cup hooks. 


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