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2014 Christmas Made Simple -Christmas House Tour

Christmas Made Simple

It’s my favorite time of the year.
I’m a bit of a fanatic. No lie, I plan my Christmas theme a year in advance. And normally I go with anything that’s nontraditional.  Red, green and black were always so boring. My Christmas’ are lilac, pink and teal blue, equipped with butterflies.

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But this year I ventured away from my norm and went in the direction of something a little more traditional and simplistic. This year was to be a Ye Ole fashion Christmas, complete with burlap ribbons and chalkboard ornaments. I made all the bows including the tree topper using burlap ribbon and string or jute. The challenge with decorating for Christmas, particularly when going with themes, is it can be rather costly. The average ornament may cost $3 a piece.  So to trim the overall costs, I tend to shop for Christmas decorations the day after Christmas,  hence the preplanning. Ornaments are 50% to 75% lower.  I also make as many of the ornaments as I can. Craft stores, like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and AC Moore are excellent resources. However, my go to spot has always been Hobby Lobby.  Walmart’s craft section also has affordably priced supplies.  Local craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s always have some sort of promotion on decorations during the holiday season. Every year I set a decorations budget and I stick with it, this includes the cost of the tree (approx.  $35).  My budget this year was $100.  I spent $97.  This includes the discounted ornaments I purchased last year after Christmas at Lowe’s ($22), the tree ($35), burlap ribbons ($12), chalkboard ornaments ($12) and the ornament trees ($10).  Keep in mind with each year my collection grows.  Yours will too.  Build upon what you have. It takes time, so don’t try to over do it with the purchases.I share with you…This Christmas Made Simple.  ~T.

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