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How to Install Window Insulation Kits Over your Blinds

Winterize windows by installing window insulation kits around drafty windows using Duck® Max Strength® Rolled Window Insulation Kits over your window blinds.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

Over the years I’ve updated a lot of things in my house. However, I’m gradually tackling the windows, which means I still have some windows that are pretty old and drafty. So every fall I go through and winterize my windows. This year I’m teaming up with Duck Brand to show you how I’ve perfected covering my windows while leaving the blinds in place. And I’ll be using the Duck® Max Strength® Brand Rolled Window Insulation Kit. This time around, I have the ToolBox Dude assisting me. I’m using his height to my advantage. Hahaha.

Duck® Max Strength® Brand Rolled Window Insulation Kit

The Duck® Max Strength® Brand Rolled Window Insulation Kit is rolled for ease of use and general convenience. It requires no measuring and I like that very much. This heavy-duty kit is puncture resistant and 2x thicker than your standard window insulation kit.

OK, Let’s Winterize Those Windows

Step 1. Clean the window including the window casing or trim.

Start by cleaning the glass of the window and around the window really well. Pay close attention to the trim and frame where you’ll be applying the adhesive tape. I do recommend removing the blinds when cleaning the window to ensure it’s fully cleaned.

Step 2. Apply tape around the boarder of the window

Apply the double sided tape around the entire window on the outer frame. The challenge I always ran into each year was how do I install an insulated window kit and still be able to reinstall my blinds. I found I would always compromise the integrity of the seal trying to work around the blinds. So I stopped trying to fight it and just left the blinds in place. Trim the tape with an Exacto knife. I prefer an Exacto knife at this step versus a pair of scissors because it allows a precise cut.

Step 3. Remove the tape liner.

This is the fun part, removing the liner from the tape.

Step 4. Starting on the right side of the window, roll out the film across the tape moving toward the left of the window.

Slowly unroll the window insulation out over the window. The film should fully cover the window. The Duck® Max Strength® Brand Rolled Window Insulation Kit. rolls out so easily, making this task go a lot faster. Pull tight before adhering to the tape and trim the excess. This is a double window. So I applied the film over the entire window and put a slit down the middle separating along the tape seam. Reinstall the blinds before fully covering the window, if you removed it to clean the window. Leave out the wand for the window blinds.

Step 5. Shrink film with hair dryer.

Now take a blow dryer to shrink the window insulation film. You want to pay close attention to any areas that look budged up. It will shrink and tighten.

Step 6. Cut an opening to slide the wand onto the blinds.

Once the insulation film around the window is nice and snug, take the Exacto knife and create a tiny opening where the anchor or hook for the wand for the blinds. The wand can now be placed on the hooks. You can use some excess tape and film to cover any of the opening around the wand if it’s too wide. Reapply the hairdryer to ensure everything is nice and snug.

The Results

I am very happy with how this turned out. This technique when winterizing my windows and installing window insulation kits has vastly reduced the draftiness of my window. And when the Duck® Max Strength® Brand Rolled Window Insulation Kit is installed you can’t tell the difference. The sign shines through just as bright as it did before I applied the Duck® Max Strength®.

The Duck Brand Rolled Window Kit can be found exclusively at Walmart. Need help selecting what you need for your next weatherization project? Check out this Weatherization Project Selector.

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