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Time to Put My Feet up: Backyard Renovation

Last time we talked I shared with you the state of my backyard when I first moved into my house.  It started off an absolute chaotic mess with corn stalk and chicken wires every where.  After months of painstaking work I’d gotten my yard to resemble a yard again, only to face a ginormous setback in the size of a 500 lb. chimney. So after regrouping  for a week in the lovely Barbados, I came home to the chimney still on the ground, of course. But a week later, the chimney repair company was on duty and that hole in my roof was replaced with a nice, structurally sound, usable chimney.  It’s funny, I say usable because I found out during this process that, had I actually used my wood burning fireplace prior to the chimney falling off the house, it could have sparked a fire.  You see, the previous owners had installed a pellet stove (against code) into the chimney slot. There was all this improper tubing in the chimney that was not to code. It had cracks in it galore. It was just all bad.

So I realized there was a plan after all. God knew I needed a vacation (priorities remember, priorities) and he knew I needed to get rid of that old chimney.  😉

chimney fixed chimney fixed and up

So with the chimney up it was time to re-stain and furnish my deck. I pressure washed my deck then stained it using Rust-Oleum Restore. Then I went thrifting and found a couple of great pieces for around $75.  All it needed was a little cleaning and some spray paint.

spray paint chairs painting furniture

By this time summer was darn near over so there wasn’t a huge selection of pillows to choose from.  But what was in stock was deeply discounted (Score!) My pillows didn’t all match, but baby I was gonna make this work!


Back Yard BEFORE IT ALL  side yard before

2012-06-25_13-48-37_798(1)   2012-06-26_17-13-46_963

chimney on ground



bench  deck  deck3

outside deck  20141005_163558

Outdoors at night
Added some string lighting
mums outdoors
Added a swing and painted a purple and white checkerboard on the coffee table



feet up  Now it was time to put my feet up and relax.  Yep, I was done….at least for that summer.

Till Next Time…the life of a ToolBox Diva.


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