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How to Replace a Tire on a Hand Truck or Dolly

So I found myself in my garage with a dolly with 2 flat tires. I use my dolly to move things around my workshop, but needless to say, 2 flat tires made that a tad bit challenging…ok A LOT challenging.  So I searched Amazon for some new tires and found these flat free tires.  But then it left me with the question, if they can make flat free tires for a hand truck, why can’t a flat free tire be made for a real truck or car? Ok, a bit off topic, but it does make you wonder.

Ok so here’s how to replace a tire on a hand truck or dolly.  This DIY video demonstrates replacing a tire or wheel on a hand truck or dolly using universal fit flat-free tires by Marathon.



Marathon Universal Fit Flat Free Hand Truck/Utility Tire
Marathon Universal Fit Flat Free Hand Truck/Utility Tire

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  1. Jen Faught says:

    Timisha, Thank you so much for this post! I watched several videos and yours was the best. With your advice we were able to remove those old wheels. Go WD40 and persistence!

    1. Hahaha! Thank you so much! That was I believe my very 1st video. So I really appreciate it.

  2. motionview says:

    Thanks very much, very satisfying when that lock ring starts to slowly inch upwards.

  3. Jonathan Lunsford says:

    Not bad, lady. Kudos. Li’l tip for next time: if’n you’re tossing the old wheel, a sharp blow to the opposite side will often pop the collar up enough to get the paw in there. Just don’t bend the axle! 🤣

  4. Thank you so much; it’s quite satisfying when the lock ring gently moves upwards.

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