Foolproof Ways to Choose the Right Bathtub

Showers are good enough if you don’t have enough time and your only objective is to get clean and start your day or go to bed. Bathtubs, on the other hand, can be an expression of hedonism. Taking a good long bath is about more than just hygiene, it’s a way to get relaxed and be alone with your thoughts. That’s why you should take choosing a bathtub more seriously than choosing a shower. Here are a few tips on how to do it right.

Investigate popular bathtubs

Most important decision to make right away is the material from which the bathtub is made. Each one has its good and bad sides, so check them out and decide what suits your needs best. Acrylic tubs for instance have natural warmth and contain heat pretty good. They’re also easy to clean, but they get scratched really fast. Gel-coated fiberglass bathtubs are the least expensive, but they have a problem with mold. Marble tubs a durable and beautiful, but they’re quite difficult to clean. European steel enamel can’t be scratched, but the edges can chip away after a choosing the right bathtub -ToolBox Divaswhile.

Wage in quality vs. price

As it is the case with many other products it can turn out that in the long run, cheap bathtub will cost you more than the expensive one. If you have to remove and replace your bathtub, you’ll be in for a major expense. This means that you have to change more than your tub – the tiles will probably have to go, as well as the plumbing. If the bathtub has granite walls, the repair will have to involve tearing down a wall of your bathroom. Keep in mind that it’s a purchase you have to make once in a couple of decades and then make your call.


It’s important to know the exact size of your bathroom when you’re getting a bathtub. This will help you choose both the type and the size of the tub itself. If you have enough space, consider a freestanding bath. When making these measurements, take in account that there is a lot stuff that goes into a bathroom, beyond the tub and a sink. Have a sketch prepared so you can get a feeling of where is everything going to go.Choosing the right bathtub - ToolBox Divas

Different installations

When choosing the installation type, you need to take into consideration how your plumbing is set up and obviously what kind of tub do you prefer. Platform and undermount tub are basically the same and they’re both great for whirlpools and air baths, the only difference is in the esthetic. The safest choice is to go with alcove installation, where the tub is placed in an angle between two walls. It’s just important to know from which side you should connect it the pipes. Freestanding tubs are visually most impressive, because they seem to stand wherever you put them, with the plumbing being invisible.

Additional features

Lastly, you need to think about any special features you want to include. This is most of all a cost versus benefit analysis of what cool features you really want and what you can afford. Adding speakers to set the mood is a pretty inexpensive and it’s a common choice. Some tubs come with LED lights which can be very soothing and used a form of chromotherapy. Digital controls are also a popular option and they are getting easier to install.

Choosing your bathtub can have a considerable impact on your bathing experience. If you follow these tips, you are bound to make the right choice an turn your bathroom into a genuine oasis of joy.

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