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Fiber Cement Siding vs. Metal Siding: Pros and Cons

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Aluminum siding was king due to its low cost and low maintenance needs, but it fell out of favor with the introduction of vinyl. Fiber Cement InfographicSteel siding is also making a strong showing due to its superior insulating abilities and strength.  How does both aluminum and steel siding stack up against fiber cement siding? Let’s compare the differences between these metal sidings and fiber cement siding so you can make an informed choice.

Metal Siding

                 The average cost of metal siding is $3 to $5, installed. While aluminum has taken a back seat to vinyl, steel siding is making a strong comeback. Both of these types of metal siding have a lot to offer, including prefinished colors and several textures that mimic wood siding. Metal siding is rot proof, insect and fireproof, and requires very little maintenance. However, the paint is baked on enamel, which means you can’t repaint it if you get tired of the color.

Unfortunately, steel siding cannot be used anywhere near salt water, so if you live in a beach town, this is not for you. Aluminum will hold up to salt water, but it is not recommended, nor is steel, in areas that are very wet or very humid.

Dents are permanent and are very common with aluminum. Steel doesn’t suffer from dents as much as aluminum, but it can happen and they are permanent. They cannot be popped out and that section will need to be replaced.

Fiber Cement Siding

                While the popularity of metal siding is declining, fiber cement siding increases its base every year as consumers become more aware of its durability, weather resistance, and long lasting durability. In the infographic below, Allura shows some quick information that every homeowner should know about fiber cement siding.

Pre-painted fiber cement siding means no painting for as long as 25 years, or more, unless you wish to change the color. This sturdy siding resists thermal expansion, which means caulking will last far longer than on metal siding. Fiber cement siding is very resistant to cracks or dings from everyday wear and tear. It can be used in every climate and is fireproof. Many insurance companies offer a discount on fire insurance for those installing fiber cement siding. Many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty.  It is almost indistinguishable from painted wood siding and comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles.

The average cost of fiber cement siding is $6 to $11, installed. It’s easy to see why so many people are turning to fiber cement siding for their most important investment; their home!



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