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Awesome Dining Room Interior Design Ideas

So many of you that follow me on on my blog and social media know that I’ve been working on redesigning my dining room.  It literally started projects here and there in my dining room a year ago… Yep. I’m said that…A YEAR AGO.  I should be embarrassed.  LOL  BUT I’m not.  It’s a side effect of the trade.  Have you ever walked into a contractors house? You think you’re going to walk into this magnificent space with all these remodeled and gorgeous  additions.  Instead you see project after project unfinished or untouched.  Yea well that’s my life.  But any way in redoing my dining room I’ve been researching different design aesthetics that I thought I’d share with you a few design elements to consider in the dining room.

So start your dining room design by browsing magazines, Pinterest, design websites like Decorpad and Houzz.  Of course search design blogs, and furniture galleries, like Arhaus (in full disclosure, it’s probably one of my favorite furniture stores). Look for rooms that inspire you and furnishings that stir your creative juices. Designing the perfect dining room varies from person to person depending on individual taste and style. That said, there are some key considerations in design that everyone should stick to. Consider the following three design elements that make your dining room stand out.

The Room

Consider room size, style and functionality first and foremost in planning your dining room. Will your room be used for nightly family dinners, formal entertaining or both? Is your personal style geared toward classic or country chic? Do you prefer painted or papered walls? Which will require the least amount of maintenance?

Do you prefer a minimalist approach to wall art and décor or do you have artwork and family portraits you want to display? It’s important to know the answers to these questions before you start designing your room

The Table

Which table shape best fits your needs – round, oval, oblong? Do you prefer glass tops, wood or metal? Your selection of dining room table needs to fit every occasion from family dinners to family celebrations. Arhaus has an amazing selection of dining tables in every size and style. Browse their selection and choose a table that will stand up to the rigors of your intended use. Rustic or elegant, vintage or contemporary, choose a table of quality that will emphasize your tastes and last a lifetime.

The Chairs

Best Lane Tufted Fabric Dining Chair
Lane Tufted Fabric Dining Chair, Grey

Chairs come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and heights. You want your chairs to make your guests comfortable while still complimenting your table without necessarily matching it exactly.  There are beautiful matching table and chair sets available, but consider buying separates that complement each other. Another design option trending right now is to purchase more than one chair you love. Mismatched, but complimentary chairs lend a cool, eclectic look to your dining room.

Your style satisfaction is our goal. Decorate your dining room with intention. Know how you want the room to function. Choose colors, furnishings, and artwork you love. Add and edit pieces over time. Give it your own flair. Don’t rush to create a finished room, I know I haven’t. Hahaha

Instead, take the time you need to create a room you’ll truly love to dine and entertain in.


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