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An Insider’s Guide to Wall-Mounting Your HDTV

Opting to mount your  TV  to the wall is a great way to de-clutter your room and improve your TV-watching experience. A large number of people don’t dare to take on the project of hanging their TV on a wall themselves. Still, if you have the right tools, this is something you can do on your own. Here are 5 steps you should take if you want to wall-mount your HDTV properly.

Step 1: Attach the Mounting Bracket

Source: Phil King
Source: Phil King

The first thing you should do is attach the mounting bracket to your TV. If there is a stand on the frame of your TV, you should unbolt and remove it. Also, make sure you locate the mounting holes on your TV and pry off the plastic caps. Once you do that, you should attach the mounting arms to the holes in your TV. Bear in mind that you should never over tighten them as that might put your TV at risk of breaking. Also, never use a power drill for this if you don’t want to damage your TV. Once the mounting brackets are attached, set the TV aside with the screen facing upward.

Step 2: Find the Right Location

The next thing you are supposed to do is find just the right location for mounting your TV. When trying to come up with a perfect spot for you TV, take into consideration that there should be no glare on your TV and that it should be visible from all the sitting spots in the room. In order to provide maximum viewing comfort, you should always aim at mounting your TV in such a way that it corresponds with the viewer’s eye level when seated. In most of the cases, this will be around 40-45 inches above the floor.

Step 3: Attach the Wall Mount Bracket to Your Wall

Once you have found the right location for mounting your TV, it’s time you attach the wall mount bracket to your wall. You can start by measuring the distance between the holes on the wall mount and mark two corresponding points on your wall. You should use a level in order to make sure the two points you have marked are at the same height. Once you do that, you should use a power drill to drill the holes for the bolts and screws. The bracket is mounted on the wall by using bolts and screwdrivers that in most of the cases come with the wall mount kit.

Step 4: Connect All the Cables

When attaching your TV to the wall mount, you will find it much easier to connect all the cables before attaching it to the bracket. Most of the video and audio cables are easy to connect since they come in different colors. Still, it’s always good idea to take a look at your TV user’s manual just in case. This is especially the case if you are attaching your PC or DVD player to the TV as well. Always unplug all of these devices while you are attaching the TV to the bracket, advise Brisbane’s TV wall mount pros.

Step 5: Mount the TVTv Mounted - Toolbox Divas TV Mounted

Finally, the last thing you will have to do is attach your TV to the bracket mounted on your wall. It’s always recommended to have someone with you who is either going to hold the TV or secure the connections for you. It’s also of great importance that you make sure all the connections are locked down securely in order for TV not to fall down. Once the TV is mounted on your wall, plug in all the devices and test-run all of them. If everything is OK, it’s time to put all of your tools in your tool box and start enjoying watching TV.

Make sure you follow all of these steps and you will be guaranteed your HDTV is mounted properly. Still, bear in mind that if you are not much of a handyman, having professionals do this for you might be a good idea.

Article written by Lillian Connors. If one thing is true about Lillian Connors, her mind is utterly curious. That’s why she can’t resist the urge to embark on a myriad of home improvement projects and spread the word about them. As the Co-Editor at SmoothDecorator, she cherishes the notion that sustainable housing and gardening will not only make us far less dependent on others regarding the dwellings we inhabit and what we eat, but also contribute to our planet being a better place to live on. You can check her out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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