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25 “Cent-Sational” Upcyle Projects Under $15

3 months, 10 DIYers and 25 projects ago The Cent-Sational Salvage Challenge was created to bring together a group of thrifty bloggers who shared a love of dumpster diving and cared about the mission of Habitat for Humanity! Most people know about Habitat for Humanity’s mission to build houses and hope but not many know that there are Habitat ReStore Centers around the country re-selling donated building materials to raise funds to build more Habitat for Humanity homes! The Cent-Sational Salvage Challenge aimed towards bringing awareness to this cause and the various resources within our own community.  So what can someone do with items found in a thrift store like, the Restore Center for $15 or less?

25 “Cent-Sational” Upcyle Projects Under $15

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