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What’s Wrong with My Kitchen?

One of my favorite decor sites for color inspiration is Decor Pad.  I searched it for hours on end in search of the perfect picture that spoke to me. Made me say, “Yes, that’s my kitchen!” But sadly, I didn’t have that aha moment.
After many nights of paint in my eyes and hair, the kitchen ceiling was back to a more heavenly white versus a….hellish blue.   The wall color I went with for the kitchen, and most of the house for that matter was Behr Rhino.  But that color paired with dark wood floors had me stumped in terms of the selection of a color for the kitchen cabinets.  On top of that I figured I needed to try and work with the infamous blue backsplash…for a little while longer that is. The counters, while stained, weren’t damaged. And my black dishwasher was practically new. So I decided to work with these items..for the meantime.

While watching the Rachel Ray show one morning I saw this product I remember seeing used on the DIY network and HGTV on Design on a Dime and other renovation shows. It was this contact paper that mimicked stainless steel sold by Ez Instant Makeover products.  It was perfect for my dishwasher. While browsing  through the company’s products I also came across a vinyl contact paper I could use on the countertops and bar area. The 3′ x 12′ Venecia Gold Granite Premium Contact Paper for $89.99 + shipping and handling was the perfect solution. The contact paper for the dishwasher was the 26 1/2” x 36” Brushed Nickel EZ Faux Stainless Steel for $29.95. “Ok great,” I thought!
In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have gone with a gold contact paper for the countertops but there weren’t many options to choose from at that time. SO this worked. After all it was supposed to be a temporary solution so I wouldn’t be grossed out my the stained countertops.
Next I needed to address the cabinets.  The color Rhino on the walls depending on the light has cool and blue undertones.  It also has the ability of being warm and inviting if paired with right complimentary colors. However, none of the color choices I viewed offered the look and feel of what I wanted.  I probably should let you know, I had no clue of what I wanted.  But I love cooking…take that back…I love eating. So being in the kitchen, and wanting to be in the kitchen, preparing delicious meals is very important. So I wanted my kitchen to feel inviting and appealing.
Behr Color Palettes for Rhino
But I felt I needed to be safe in the selection of the cabinet color.  I just hated the 1980s laminate cabinet doors with that hideous brown pull.  It lacked definition, character and knobs.  In a perfect world I would have totally removed the cabinets and the soffits, installed floor to ceiling cabinets totally maximizing the kitchen’s storage space.  But reality keeps bringing me back from the clouds. So decided to keep it safe and painted the cabinets a darker gray.


To add a little visual interest I thought I’d take some
1/4 in. x 1-1/8 in lattice moulding and trim the doors.
Then I primed with a heavy duty primer perfect for laminate cabinets, Gripper White Primer & Sealer by  Glidden Professional. I proceeded with painting my cabinet doors then the bases of cabinet.


I even considered a few options for door pulls.


But what I did not consider: the thickness of the door in relation to the hinge.  #CabinetDoorFAIL



By adding the detail of the trim, in an effort of creating shaker style doors I made my cabinet doors to thick.  The doors no longer closed properly, if it closed at all.  The new paint chipped away at the edges.  IT WAS A COMPLETE DISASTER.

If only I had seen these detailed illustrations and videos on cabinet hinges (Homeowner’s Guide to Cabinet Hinges)prior to starting this project. It would have saved me a lot of time, money and frustration.  I had no desire to purchase all new hinges. In addition, by adding the trim I inadvertently made my doors thicker than the average door size which further complicated the problem.
I will Never say I have all the answers or solutions to anything.  I am always learning and improving my skills.  I fail…OFTEN.  Being a “Do-It-Yourselfer” (or ToolBox Diva, in my case) doesn’t mean you know everything about home repair or home remodel.  It just means you have the courage to try.  So I didn’t exactly get it right this time.  I’ll try again.So what’s wrong with my kitchen?  Aside from the fact that the cabinet doors no longer fit nor close properly and that hideous blue tile is still a huge eye sore.  The color scheme is all wrong. It’s boring; and It’s missing me.  I still Hate my Kitchen.

Till Next Time. ~T.




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