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tiny house1Is it just me or has anyone else become obsessed with HGTV’s new show Tiny House Hunters,  a show that follows people around the country as they look to downsize to a home usually no bigger than 600 sq. feet.  Well this got me thinking, could I live such a minimalistic lifestyle?  I mean let’s face it how much space do we really need?  I can admit that there are areas of my home I don’t really use.  Like the formal dining room or living room who uses those any more? But given the well crafted design of some of the tiny homes I’ve seen and the excellent use of space, it really has me thinking.  The average house in America is about $188,900.  And in the Northeast that price skyrockets to $240,500.  The average cost of a tiny house is $23,000.  In addition, Tiny Living is more environmentally friendly, saving energy and such.  But while I’m intrigued…very intrigued, I’m still left asking myself could I really live in a tiny house? What about you, could you do it?


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Could You (Really) Live in a Tiny House?

Could You (Really) Live in a Tiny House?
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