Pinterest Room Challenge

The Pinterest Room Challenge Meets the Cheap-o Room Challenge

+   = Pinterest Bliss!

My friend, Erica, over On Bliss Street,  just issued the challenge of the century….Ok a that’s a bit dramatic…Of the YEAR! And I want you all to know I am IN! 

So On Bliss Street has challenged others to upgrade our space, rooms, by any means necessary at a set minimal budget, “on the cheap.” It’s titled “The Cheap-o Room Challenge.”  As many of you know if you’ve been following along on my blog since the beginning of the year, I issued a challenge in January called the Pinterest Room Challenge. The goal is to take some inspiring Pin from Pinterest pertaining to the room of the month and try to recreate it in my space. And you will also know that I am working with a very small, sometimes nonexistent budget.  So I see your challenge Erica and I accept. 

This should be fun! 

Interested in Joining in on the Fun? Come on. Join the Pinterest Room Challenge and The Cheap-o Room Challenge today.  Share with us your inspiring room transformations. Be the ToolBox Diva of your home and join us on Bliss Street.


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  1. Yay! I'm soo excited! Our houses are going to be awesome and we'll still have money for dinner! xoxo

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