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Having a stylish and comfy bedroom is important to keep you motivated and achieving a functional day-to-day life. It’s also a tool to express yourself and have fun. No more boring and simple rooms. Here’s how to take a bedroom to the next level and have a room just as gorgeous as those from Pinterest and Tumblr that you’ve fallen in love with.
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Lighting (or lack of it) can completely make or break a room. If you don’t have the right lighting, all your artwork and furniture won’t appear as beautiful as they are. Warm lighting and dimmers are great for setting up different moods. Have at least a few light points in your bedroom, it makes everything cozy and bright.
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Use lighting to your favor for whatever your need. If it’s time to sit down and study, get a desk lamp that will help you keep focused. For the trouble sleepers, using chromotherapy is amazing, a very weak blue light can help you calm down and get ready for bed.

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Around a vanity desk, use spotlights with special light bulbs. Of course, the best option for makeup is natural lighting, so if possible, install the vanity near a window. When natural lighting isn’t possible, choose light bulbs with high CRI (Color Rendering Index). The higher the index, the closer it is to a natural light.

Whether you live in a dorm, a big city or countryside, great art pieces can make a world of a difference in your home. Choose art that suits your style and invest on work that you won’t get tired of fast. There’s no need to overdo or create visual pollution, with time we improve with editing and having only what we really adore and speaks to us. Having plants and flowers around also can put a lot of life into any space. It breaks the “concrete jungle” look that we see on our daily lives and makes us feel more connected to nature. Not to mention, a lot of plants are actually super beneficial to your health, filtering the air and getting rid of different toxic pollutants.


Like the statement necklace or the red pair of shoes that can completely transform a simple tank top and ripped jeans look, accessories in home decor are perfect to change and upscale your room’s style in simple and easy ways. This tip is specially great for those who get bored easily. It’s fast and cheap to change your pillows and get new colorful ones, or put gorgeous glass vases and candles around.


Oh My Lands! Globe found on Mod Cloth
Style, it’s all in the details. Make your bedroom truly your own. Add decor and touches that reflect your personality. When you look at any bedroom, you can tell a lot about the person who lives there. Exotic vases or candle holders from an epic trip, a poster of your favorite movie on the wall, your favorite flowers, vintage books, black and white pictures of the people you love, ballerina shoes hanging on the wall…Whatever you have a passion for, use it as inspiration for the room.

The goal is to create a place you’ll love to hang out in and also be motivated by what you see. Another great way of adding personality and style to your room is by putting your favorite quote on a wall.  Let it be something that will make you want to get up and have a great day. Own your space!


This is the cherry on top of the architectural sundae! Why not have a really quirky and interesting piece? Something that really catches your eye and intrigues you when you walk into your space. Have fun hunting for decor, or even better, make it.  Flea markets, vintage stores or even big chains can have things you’ll be able to repurpose into a unique piece. Flip through some magazines or start drawing the craziest sketches you can think of for your bedroom. Get those creative juices flowing and push the envelope.


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It’s not just about the visual aspect of decor. Think about textures and feelings. A fluffy rug, a plush throw, wool pillows, silk curtains, a velvet bench, they all play a role in creating the over all design.

DENY Designs Valentina Ramos Octopus Bloom Duvet Cover sold by Hayneedle

Utilize different fabrics and mediums to embark on a textile journey. Smells are deeply connected to memories and emotions, use that to trigger what you want to feel, like comfort and care from the roses your mom always put in the table, or those vanilla scented candles that made you feel at home.

A pleasant aroma can make the room much more inviting.




Having great style and taste is what makes a room go from common and bland to down right incredible. But knowing how to keep it clean and clutter free is the key to maintaining it that way. Doesn’t matter what designer lamp you have, the expensive vintage dresser, or how impeccable your color palette is if there is piles of clothes in the corner or if there is a ton of junk on the floor and you feel like you’re walking on a lego mine field. If you were in a rush before work or had to get ready for that last minute party, make sure to organize it as soon as you have some time. The best way to keep your room tidy and clean is to not let things pile up. If everything is a mess and you have no idea how to start tackling that task, start by making the bed.  The bed is the central point of the room and it being tidy will make a huge difference. Remember that ventilation and pure air is also important to avoid a stuffy room and possible mold and other health issues. Putting the time and effort into your space will not be in vain. It’s all about getting the most out of the place where you lay your head at night, so you can be at your best you when you start your day.


Put your ballet flats and sneakers on, grab the toolbox and get started!


This article was written by Patricia Leitao, also writer for


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