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15 Things That Made Snow Removal Better

Through the years, snow removal has slowly evolved from something as simple as the shovel to snow removal services in a touch of a button. So, to celebrate the evolution of snow removal, here are the top 15 things that made snow removal better over the years.

  • The ShovelThe trusty shovel is the first partner man had when it comes to snow removal. He didn’t have machines before. All he had were this tool and his back and arm muscles to work with. And, for the time being, they were all that he needed.
  • Road Salt etc. Then came the discovery of certain chemicals, compounds and materials that could melt snow at certain temperatures. And so, the deicing products came into the picture. If you consult a snow removal contractor, one of the options he might tell you is to use these famous products like road salt and sodium chloride.
  • Trucks. Trucks play a part in the snow removal process. They were invented so that they could transport large objects and large amounts of objects, and that they would survive even the bumpiest roads. It was this design that became the inspiration and model for the snow plower.
  • The Snow Plower.  If you’re hiring a professional snow removal service, they would probably use this ingenious machine. The snow plower is like a giant shovel, but it takes much less effort and is way more efficient. Within less than an hour, you could be done taking off snow from your precious lawn.Photo by Comrade Foot
  • Hydraulic Lift System. If you’re wondering what this is for, this system is in charge of making snow plowers work more efficiently and at a much faster pace. It also eliminated the classic chain lift system used by previous versions of the snow plower.
  • Spreaders. Another ingenious design update for the snow plower is the speader, which helps in keeping the plowed snow away from where you want it to be. It’s not clear when people started using spreaders, but once they started it, it revolutionized the snow removal process.
  • LED. LED lights help greatly when illuminating our work areas. They’re not only brighter that the old bulbs, but they’re also energy efficient and have a much longer life. LED is important for the plow’s lighting system, which needs to be quite perfect if you want to remove snow perfectly and completely.
  • Electronic Heaters and Mats. Another great addition to the snow removal services family is the electronic heater. Yes, they can be quite expensive and they take a long time to install, but these mats could melt snow in minutes, clearing your driveway perfectly. Technology indeed has changed the game greatly.
  • Powder coat technology. Why is powder coat important? One of the biggest problems snow plowers faced before was corrosion. To combat this, powder coating was invented. It’s because of this that most machines last longer and could work longer.
  • The Internet. The world wide web has brought the world together, and had made many things accessible to more people. Now, hiring a professional snow removal service is within a few phone calls or a few mouse clicks.  People get better access to better services and could live their lives more, thanks to the Internet.
  • Smartphones. Just like the internet, smartphones offered a revolutionary way of getting snow removal services. Numerous apps are now online and could give people access to great snow plowing and snow removal services.
  • SIMASIMA or the Snow and Ice Management Association is responsible for managing and providing tools for the snow removal industry. They have made safety possible, they have made all these new technology possible, and without a regulatory board, the industry would slip into chaos.
  • In-cab heat. Can you imagine plowing or blowing out snow without in-cab heating? Now, most plowers and blowers have in-cab heating. Aside from your safety and work clothes, in-cab heating makes sure you don’t freeze to death while working out on your lawn. It’s only for a couple of hours, but the heat could literally save your life.
  • Snow Removal Services. Lastly, snow removal services gives you the option of paying for a job done efficiently. When you consult a snow removal contractor, you are talking to a professional who knows exactly what you need. All you have to do is sit back, relax and be worry-free.


Article written by Alex Piscer. Alex is an expert home maintenance contractor in Springfield, MA and runs a snow removal service for home and business establishments. Visit to get a quick quote today! Also fin him on Google+ & Twitter.

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  1. For us, our John Deere lawn tractor has simplified snow removal since we have a long driveway to clear. Thinking of ordering a snow blower attachment for it this year since just the blade on the front of it does not always work when the snow is deep. Love your list!

    1. Thank you so much Diane! Growing up in rural SC going to the John deere tractor store was like going to Walmart, an everyday occurrence hahaha. Thats great your able to use your tractor for snow removal especially given how much snow we had last year. Let’s hope our winter is not as bad this year. But if it is we’ll definitely be prepared.

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