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Hoarding, The Source of DIY Home Redecorating Projects

Be honest, Are you a hoarder? When was the last time you did any loft  or closet de-cluttering? Ok let me rephrase that, when was the last time you stepped foot into your attic? Are you sitting there thinking, ‘Ahhhh…….’. Well that basically means that your closets are currently filled with an abundance of items worthy of junk removal, doomed to stay there until you decide to have mercy and call in the junk removal services. But wait! Don’t act too rashly. There actually is another way to deal with them. If you are the DIY type of person, you might have other ideas for those items. The attic, closet and basement or even that junk drawer in the kitchen,  can be valuable source for objects you can use for your next DIY project. Let’s browse around and see what you could find.

Old Crates

At the very least you will probably find multiple old crates or storage bins. Crates can become so many other things if you put your imagination to work. They are containers and containers will forever be useful, even if you only use them for organizing your kid’s toys, or as recycling bins.

Then again, you can put the hammer to work and start combining crates for a variety of new creations. Pile up a few bins, polish them, and see how you can have a brand new bookcase. You can use it as a bookshelf, or to organize decorations, or family pictures.

Alternatively, you can also stack a few columns of containers and create a console stand for a variety of purposes. A decorated one can be a great addition to your video gaming station, or you can organize a sound system on them. They can be tables, shelves, and, if filled and covered properly, even ottomans for your garden or living room.

Bottles and bottle caps

You can create so many items from these. You shouldn’t just throw them away or rather recycle it. Bottles can be implemented in a variety of DIY projects for decorations, or simply cut in half and made into pots or planters for your flowers.

Bottle Cap Artwork by Re-Funked
Bottle Cap Artwork by Re-Funked

Bottle caps, on the other hand, can be made into so many other things. Glue a few of them together to make a coaster or a picture. Take a collection of many bottle caps and create a mosaic decoration of any sort. Or, you can make them into wheels for your kids’ toys.

Wine corks

How much of a wine drinker are you? If you are a big wine connoisseur, then you probably already have a pretty amazing collection of corks. They might seem useless and you only kept them as a memoir of the good wine, but you can actually use them for so many other purposes.

They can also be made into coasters or trivets, or they can be combined with your cabinets and turned into cork knobs. Alternatively, you can cut them in vertical halves and stick them flat side down on a board to make your very own cork board for notes and messages!4792500748_61108876b5_z

So It’s ok.  You can admit it, you are a hoarder.  Hoarding is not always a bad thing.  Especially given that the junk you have stored in your attics or basements can be a source of ingredients for so many awesome DIY projects. Not everything there is a subject being trashed, you can simply stir that imagination of yours and see how you can use something before you start throwing it on the trash or donate pile.  Use what you have and make the world and your home a better place.




This article is written by Ella A. Ella is freelance writer and home décor specialist with years of experience. Her present article is focused on some home organizing and de-cluttering tips.

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