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A Trendy Guide To Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms used to have the appearance and feel of a hospital, but these days they’re alive with style, color, and decor. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord or your bathroom is big or small, a bathroom remodel could work magic with a home’s appeal and value. A lot of work can be put into renovation, but there are some simple basics and hot trends that anyone can follow.

Contemporary Bathroom by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators Style On a Shoestring


Showers are hotter than ever thanks to some new designs and concepts. No-threshold showers are all the rage with all their extra elbow room and storage space. Throw in recessed shelving and benches into that tile shower remodel and you’ll have extra room for all those shower products (and the safety of a bench for sick days and older guests). If the shower plan is big enough – 5×7 or larger – then you could even save yourself the cost and installation of a shower door and spend your money on luxurious extras like radiant floor heating, steam generators, body sprayers, or his & her shower heads. With these kinds of updates, people everywhere are tearing out their shower/tub units to put in a shower with all the fixings. If there’s another tub in the home, then it’s worthwhile to say sayonara to make room for a bathroom masterpiece.


Showers may offer more value thanks to their functionality and everyday use, but bathtubs are still a hot commodity. Freestanding soaking tubs add a sophisticated look that takes those candlelit bubble baths to another level. They’re as lovely as they are conservative on space, and that makes room for some fun and eclectic furniture that can transform the bathroom from “sanitary” to “stunning.”


Chrome and brushed nickel sinks are being replaced by even more space-worthy options. Those fancy sensor faucets seen in public bathrooms across America are being installed in homes to cut water costs (with the added bonus of no longer having to fuddle with slippery knobs or grubby hands). There are faucets that include aerators that will allow further water savings while keeping hand scrubbing as effective as ever.

Considering the push for water efficiency, it’s no surprise that the his-and-her sink trend has faded. Many people have found that extra counter space is far more valuable than having two sinces sinks within a reach from each other. Freestanding and leggy sinks, bathroom vanities, and vessel sinks offer bathrooms far more creativity and appeal. The flimsy countertops of days past are getting swapped out too, and they’re being remodeled with attractive and durable options like quartz, granite, tile, recycled glass, and updated laminate.


Extra towels and laundry baskets used to be confined to hallway closets, but bathrooms are finally accommodating them. Cabinets are favored in newer homes with the space, but even remodels in smaller bathrooms are taking up the cause for elbow room. Stand-alone armoires, furniture, and shelving are able to stretch out a bathroom’s functionality while adding a funky flair or cozy feel. Add in some DIY enthusiasm and you have unlimited bathroom potential.


There’s nothing too trendy here, but this is an important topic to address with any renovation plan. YouTube and TV shows have homeowners attacking remodel plans with a vengeance, and this has led to huge savings. At the same time, it’s also led to some heavy remorse.

When it comes to remodeling, there’s no such thing as an “easy” job. Even if you’re fortunate enough to have experience in flooring and demolition, there are other areas where expertise is critical. No matter how many times we rewatch those DIY videos, the best end result will come from the most skilled hands. Tear out and simple tasks are worthy of the average homeowner, but projects like tile-laying aren’t an opportunity to test out your abilities. If you care about aesthetics and the end result, then get a contractor involved. Even if you have the experience and confidence to pull off the work yourself, it’s smart to at least get them involved in the inspection process.  A professional has the knowledge and tools to find and address pending problems that will often cost more to fix later. They can also save you a whole lot of headache by getting that remodel done in a jiffy instead of spreading it out over weeks or months.


Article written by Ash Stevens, blogger over at One Damn Good Woman. Ash is a mother, writer, and a wannabe shaman. She loves health, gardening, simplicity,culture, chocolate, and sarcasm. If she isn’t writing about family and relationships on her blog, then she’s surely playing badminton with the kids. Find her on Twitter or Facebook and make a new friend!


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