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10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips of a Toolbox Diva

In honor of February’s Pinterest Room of the Month being the Kitchen, I figured I’d kick off the month with a few cleaning tips I picked up and have tried in my kitchen.  These deep cleaning tricks and tips are simple and won’t cost much nor take up your entire day to complete.

I don’t know about you, but I HATE cleaning the oven. Ovens can be a hassle to
clean: the stuck on food, the grime and buildup. It just sucks. Thankfully
there’s a way without all the harsh chemicals. Mix a box of baking soda with
water to make a paste. Spread it all over the oven except for the oven door and
metal surfaces.  Leave it on overnight
and then clean.

2.     Greasy
you may dread this dirty job. A deep cleansing with ammonia
will do the trick. Get plastic Ziplocs to put the burners into, add ¼ cup of
ammonia and close the seal. Put the bag on a baking sheet and leave outside
overnight. The burners need to be exposed to the fumes, not to soak in the
solution. In the morning wipe them with a sponge or put them in water with dish
detergent. A word of caution: NEVER
mix ammonia and bleach: it gives off toxic fumes and is extremely harmful. And ALWAYS have proper
ventilation and gloves when using ammonia.

Electric burner need a gentler washing. Don’t be embarrassed
you are not alone.  If the rings around
my stove-top could talk. The drip pans under the coils can be an ugly sight. It
doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here’s what you do: take a dryer sheet and wipe
it down. What about those black rings? A good product to use is Simple Green Full Strength. Spray and let it sit for about 10 to15 minutes then wipe it clean.

Steel Sinks:
Stainless steel sink can also shine with baking soda. Get
your baking soda and sprinkle it evenly on all areas of the sink. An old
toothbrush or a sponge will scrub the grime away. Another alternate is salt and
lemon. Take one lemon. Smash and roll it. Cut it in half. Take one half and
save the other for your water when you’re done. Snip each side to use as a
scrubber. Sprinkle salt in your sink and scrub with the lemon. Watch what

An idea for your disposal to use in the future is a lemon and
vinegar ice cube combination. It is easy. Put lemon slices and vinegar in your
ice cube tray. Freeze. Put a few cubes in the disposal every few days.

Another small kitchen task is cleaning the refrigerator. Don’t over think it.
All you need is simply baking soda and hot water. For a deep clean use a packet
of lemonade Kool-Aid. I know it sounds crazy, but the citric acid works wonders
for stains and lime deposits.

Cleaning your freezer? It takes about 20 minutes. First unplug the refrigerator. Use
rubber gloves. Empty the ice trays into a large cooler or empty into the sink.
Wash the ice trays with dish detergent and a sponge. Leave them to dry. Discard
anything that is expired; trash any food that is burned or covered in ice
crystals. Neatly put back the remaining food in the freezer. Remove the tray
and detachable shelves and put them in the sink to wash. Let them dry. Next dip
a rag in alcohol and cover the ice with it and use a plastic spatula to chip
away. Make a solution with water, Dawn, and white vinegar. Shake the bottle.
Spray the inside with the cleaner. Wipe the surfaces with paper towels. The
final step is to plug the fridge back in and return the food and replace the

Steam clean your microwave. Heat a cup or two (depending on the size of your
microwave) of water and lemon in your microwave for three minutes. Wait for
five minutes. This allows the stickiness to dissolve and makes it easier to
clean with a wet sponge and dish washing liquid. Rinse and pat dry with paper

I propose a toast. Let’s get that stickiness out of your toaster. This should
do the trick. Mix cream of tartar with a bit of water and paired with some
scrubbing action apply to your appliance. As for those pesky crumbs, get it out
of the toaster with a pastry brush.

10.  Blender: How do you deep clean
your blender? Put a drop of dish soap and water into it. Press blend to whirl
it around. Rinse. And Done.
What do you think? Do you these help Yay or Nay? I’d love to
hear from you! Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

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