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Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery Review


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Key by Amazon. All opinions are 100% mine.

In this post, I’ll be reviewing Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery service. It’s a service where Amazon delivers and places your package safely in your garage.

Online shopping has become a way of life. For me, it’s a lifesaver with my busy schedule, being able to just place an order what I need online and the next day or so it arrives at my home. The challenge has always been, what to do when I’m not home. I’ve felt guilty constantly calling my neighbor to retrieve on a package that is sitting at my front door. Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery service aims to relieve some of the anxiety associated with packages being delivered while you’re away. Here’s how it went when I tested it out for a week.

What is Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery?

Key In-Garage Delivery is a secure way to protect packages. Packages are delivered and placed inside your garage.

How does In-garage Delivery Work?

When making a purchase on Amazon, you’re given several delivery options. For most Prime packages, that option includes having your packages delivered and placed in your garage using Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery. On delivery day, a notification is sent in the morning with a 4-hour delivery window. Right before the driver arrives at your garage door, you will receive an “Arriving Now” notification. If you have an optional Amazon Cloud Cam you can watch the delivery live or save the video to watch later. The driver requests to open your garage with his or her Amazon hand-held scanner. Amazon verifies that the package belongs to the address and that the driver is near the garage door before opening your garage door. The driver will place the package just inside your garage, out of your driving path, and close the door. Once the delivery is complete and your garage door is closed, you will receive a final notification. The driver will make sure your garage door is closed and secure before leaving the premises.


So first things first, the question was, “Is my garage door opener compatible with Key for Garage?” So I went to https://www.amazon.com/b?node=18528209011&ref=pig_KEY_for_garage

and answered a few questions regarding my door and current garage door opener such as the type of garage door, opener brand, and whether or not my opener has Wi-Fi. And as you would guess, it is!

A few days later I received the Key Smart Garage Kit in by mail. I will admit I was nervous about installing this thing. I know I’m the ToolBox Diva, but I will admit I am not the most technical when it comes to installing digital apps and possibly wiring things. However, to my delight installation didn’t involve any of that. It was super easy. And there are easy to follow videos with step by step pictures of what to do.

Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery Review @ToolBoxDivas (38 of 38

So first I installed both the MyQ app and Key by Amazon App. These Apps literally walk you through the installation step by step.

First I installed the Smart Garage Hub.

Then programmed the garage door to open and close with the myQ Smart Garage Door Opener.

Then put up the Amazon Cloud Cam.

And I was done. Start to finish this took less than 45 minutes. I would actually open and close my garage door with the touch of an app from my phone.

Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery in Action

Now that I had everything installed it was time to test out this service. Once you are ready to checkout, if available, In-garage delivery comes up in your delivery options.

On the morning of the intended delivery, I received a notification that my delivery was on its way. And another once the driver was there to deliver the package.

Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery Review @ToolBoxDivas (

The whole process was so quick and painless. I did forget to do one thing prior to delivery. I forgot to disarm my alarm. So the delivery driver set off my alarm. But it was ok, he was able to text me as soon as it occurred so that I could disarm my alarm before the authorities were called. Haha, note to self for future deliveries, check my alarm.


Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery

I came home and my package was safe and secure in my garage. And it’s a good thing because it rained that day. I was able to avoid coming home to a soggy wet box.

Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery Review @ToolBoxDivas (19 of 38) package delivered

Here’s What I liked

Everything lol, no seriously there wasn’t much to not like. My packages were safely delivered with no delay in my garage, preventing missing packages. I avoided the boxes getting wet in the rain. And I could see the entire delivery from my phone at my desk while at work. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Where can it be improved?

Currently, it’s not available everywhere and to be used with all deliveries. So it is a bummer if some of your order is delivered in the garage while the other waits at your front door. But I’m sure this will improve soon. However, for now, you will need to check if Key in-Garage delivery service is available in your area.

See if your garage is compatible with Key In-Garage delivery at https://www.amazon.com/b?node=18528209011&ref=pig_KEY_for_garage.


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