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How To Deep Clean The Kitchen Sink and Drain

Deep clean your kitchen sink and drain in minutes with this easy to use cleaning tool Dremel.

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There isn’t anything pretty or glamorous about cleaning the sink. It’s basically one of those household and kitchen tasks you just gotta do. Over time it builds up with gunk and grime from food and whatever else you might clean in the sink. And yes over time, without proper management it can smell really bad. But if you’re like me and you have very little time to get 100 things done around the house in one day, you’ll love this super easy to use tool by Dremel. It eliminates the stress associated with this task and makes deep cleaning your kitchen sink and drain a breeze.

As you can see my sink was in terrible shape. So it was time to get my hands dirty and clean up this mess. Thankfully I had some help by using the Dremel Versa 4-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Power Scrubber Cleaning Tool.

The Dremel Versa

The Dremel Versa 4-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Power Scrubber Cleaning Tool is a waterproof power scrubber that can be used in cleaning applications inside and outside the home. It comes with 4 cleaning attachments and can be paired with other detail attachments like the Versa Kitchen Brush, the Versa Detail Brush, and the Versa Kitchen Scour Pads. All of these attachments make this a super-powerful cleaning machine. And with everyone in the deep cleaning mood these days, the Dremel Versa couldn’t be more perfect.

Lets’s deep clean the sink and drain

Start by applying some dish detergent to the sink and drain. You don’t need any fancy chemicals or baking soda mixture. Dawn works just fine.

Versa Kitchen Brush

Attach the Dremel Versa Kitchen Brush and scrub the drain for about 1 minute. It actually turn off the water during this part down deep in the drain with this attachment. I love that with the Versa, its does all the work for you.

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Once I’m done I give the sink a good rinse. Also, I normally apply bleach to the Versa Kitchen Brush once I’m done cleaning. This is because I use it throughout the kitchen and I want to make sure my cleaning products are sanitized before each use.

Versa Kitchen Scour Pads

Once I’m done scrubbing the drain, I apply comet to the sink and attach the Versa Kitchen Scour Pads and proceed with scrubbing the kitchen sink.

Dremel Versa Kitchen Scour Pads (3-Pack)

Once done I rinse out the sink with hot water.

Then I drop in a Plink Washer and Dishwasher Freshener and Cleaner tablet into the drain.

A Clean Sink and Drain

This is such a gratifying process because I can completely clean the kitchen sink and drain in about 5 minutes. It feels so good to not see and that gunk and build up that was just there. Now I feel like I can actually wash the dishes in the sink.

So what do you think? Do you see the difference? Hahaha that was a trick question.

There is no question. It’s like night and day. With the Dremel Versa 4-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Power Scrubber Cleaning Tool.and its detail attachments like the Versa Kitchen Brush, the Versa Detail Brush, and the Versa Kitchen Scour Pads, you can literally clean your kitchen sink and drain without the hassle in about 5 minutes.

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