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22 Creative Container Garden Ideas

Not all of us have space for pretty flower beds or big gardens. Get inspired by these creative container garden ideas and make one of your own.

Let’s get real, not all of us have room for fancy flower beds or big gardens. Lot’s of us don’t have the time to maintain them either. Keeping up with weeding a big garden takes a lot of time and who has time to do it? Not me, that’s for sure!

The April DIY challenge over in our Facebook group was creative container gardening ideas and that group took the challenge and ran with it. I was impressed with all the creative ideas they came up with.

I decided to share some of them with you along with some other great ideas from around the blogosphere.

Upcycled Creative Container Gardening Ideas

Repurposing something old to make it new again with a new purpose is the perfect way to create a container garden. Check out all of these great ideas!

1. Old Wooden Ladder into an Herb Garden

I got this old ladder from my neighbor and made an herb garden out of it and of course I shared the herbs with her.

2. Claw Foot Tub

Paint it blue and stick some flowers in it. This upcycle from Urban Garden Gal makes great use of an old claw foot tub.

blue clawfoot tub upcyled into a container garden

3. Repurposed Waterfall

Repurpose that waterfall feature that doesn’t work anymore like B4 and Afters did.

water fountain upcycled into a container garden

4. Enamelware Canner Pot

This enamelware canner pot from Intelligent Domestications looks great on a front porch.

cooking pot made into a planter

5. Vintage Toddler Potty

Colorful and fun and perfect for flowers, this flower potty from Pink Fortitude is priceless.

childs yellow potty chair upcycled into a planter

6. Succulent Fairy Garden

Abbots At Home used a shallow planting tray to make this cute indoor succulent garden.

indoor outdoor succulent garden with miniature camper

7. Galvanized Tub

Amy Lanham made the perfect DIY raised garden bed and didn’t have to build a thing.

upcylced galvanized tub made into a container garden

8. Vintage Mop Bucket

Repurpose a vintage mop bucket into a planter like Our Crafty Mom did in just a few steps.

You may or may not be as surprised as I was to see that people are indeed using old shoes as planters…

9. Succulent Boot Planter

These succulent boot planters from Upcycle My Stuff are a quirky addition to your outdoor space.

10. Cowboy Boots

Marigolds in cowboy boots from Thirty Something Super Mom are a welcoming addition to the front steps.

Buckets and old cans are the easiest thing to use when making a container garden. You can even paint them to make them look pretty.

11. 5 Gallon Bucket Planer

Add a tomato cage and these buckets from Practical Whimsy Designs make great containers for tomatoes plants.

12. Painted Tin Cans

Create an herb garden using tin cans like Two Kids and a Coupon did. Get your kids to help, it’s a great project for them.

Upcycling galvanized containers, old beer glasses, and an old chandelier…I told you the Facebook group took this challenge and ran with it!

13. Repurposed Table Grill

This repurposed table grill had seen better days until Angela from Chickfix gave it new life.

I even made one out of my old kitchen sink!

14. Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Creative Container Gardens for Small Spaces, Go Vertical

15. Vintage Repurposed Planter

Sustain My Craft Habit took vintage rulers and took her container garden vertical.

16. DIY Vertical Garden

This DIY vertical garden from The Heathered Nest doubles as a privacy screen.

17. Simple Vertical Garden

Pocket organizers aren’t just for organizing anymore. Jessica Wellington Interiors made a great succulent garden out of hers.

18. Vertical Pallet Herb Garden

Put those pallets to good use like this repurpose from Jenron Designs.

19. Vertical Garden with Drip Watering System

The built in drip watering system in this vertical garden by Houseful of Handmade makes remembering to water your garden that much easier.

20. DIY Vertical Garden Wall

The vertical garden wall from Making Manzanita is perfect for any small outdoor space.

21. Renter Friendly Vertical Pallet Garden

A renter friendly option from Making Manzanita features chalkboard labels for all your favorite herbs.

22. Raised Garden Bed

Build this easy DIY raised garden bed from Anns Entitled Life and grow your vegetables in garden soil bags.

I know you will find at least one idea in this round up that will work for you in your small space!

Now go get dirty!


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  1. Hi Timisha – Oh my goodness these container gardens are soooo stinking adorable. Pinned and shared on Facebook! Thank you for including my yellow pee potty. My heart is full of gratitude. Hugs, Holly

    1. Thank You so much Holly for allowing me to share your project. I just love it!

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