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10 Hottest Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2016

To me, years pass on just like flipping pages of a book; so quick that you can’t really do much about it. However, I definitely like the notion of getting the most of what’s yet to come, bracing every New Year with new zest and zeal. So is the case this time as well; getting ready to pick up all the styles and trends 2016 has to offer, decorating our homes according to the changing trends. And no worries if you are not much of an interior design buff, because I am here to help you with that in these 10 Hottest Interior Decor Trends to Follow in 2016.

BEHR 2016 Color Trends – The Structure of Color

1  Texture is back

Lo and behold, texture is making it back in 2016 and making it back real strong. From clothing to bedding and furniture, be ready to see lots of faux fur around. The best part is that this not only adds aesthetic value to furnishing, but the fluff makes it feel really luxurious and suave. Some of you might see it as a vacuuming nightmare, but you will still see a lot of it in the coming months. And let me remind you, texture will not only be confined to various upholstery choices, but in other areas like wood and ceramics as well.

Mixed textures by Splendid Habitat
Source: Splendid Habitat

2 Lots of floral as well!

Have you seen those movies from the 80s with lots of florals, from pants and shirts to walls and furniture? Well, it’s about time that movies from 80s turn real and florals get out of the screen to the world around you. Whether it’s that gold beige zebra pattern or the dark florals with black background, these are going to be a significant part of home decor trends of 2016.

Dallas girls bedroom by Emily Johnston Larkin of EJ Interiors.
Dallas girls bedroom by Emily Johnston Larkin of EJ Interiors.

3 More of drama

Those of you who are fond of drama, 2016 is your year. Experts are predicting lots of dark and dramatic colours on the horizon for the coming year. Even if you are not feeling adventurous to try out the whole bedroom in black, having one of those black leather beds by HomeArena will make a great centrepiece in there.

Source:Home Arena

4 Start loving blue

You were wrong if you thought that all the drama was associated with the black, blue is making its way strong the next year. Out of all shades of blue, navy will be the hot cake through the 2016, indigo and denim are also going to be there among top colour trends of 2016. So, if you were feeling a little apprehensive about turning the walls of your bedroom total black, navy blue is your best way out. Did I forget to mention a lot more furnishing accessories and accent pieces in blue? Oh, you better get ready to have more of them as well in 2016.


Transitional Home Office by New Orleans Interior Designers & Decorators Kenneth Brown Design

5 Think pink

Think pink. Why? Because it looks as adorable as it sounds! The best part is that all the shades and variations of the lovely pink are in for 2016. You name it and it will be there more commonly than ever through 2016, even the pink beige! Shades of pink not only standout on walls, but are also very much capable of turning furniture and accessories into instant eye-catchers. However, you need to be cautious in blending pink with others, because it can turn things off as conveniently and strongly as it beautifies them, if done wrongly. Caution advised!

Source: Dulux “Where Do Trends Come From?”

6 Gold is forever!

Indeed it is, especially for the year ahead! Though many people are still finding it difficult to see this much of gold the whole year, but the gold is getting all the attention and limelight in 2016. Copper also seems to be right there, but it still fails to bind together like gold with everything. So, get ready to see more of gold everywhere, from hardware and faucets to throw pillows and wall hangings. To be honest, it does look good on so many things anyway.

Glam Gold Accents And Accessories For Your Interior by DigsDigs

7 Get Geometric …… in Tiles

Decorative backsplashes have enjoyed their fair share of limelight for quite some time now. Many influential designers are now predicting of a shift of trends in 2016 towards geometric patterns featuring fluid movement, for which cement and wood will serve to be the preferred mediums. From backsplashes to intricately patterned floors or countertops, fluid geometry is expected to get strong.

Source: AtticMag “Geometric Tile Kitchen Backspla”

8 Weave around

Crochet, basketry or tassels, 2016 will be the year of weaving around. To embrace more of weaving, experts suggests resorting to local finds. This will not only adorn your home with beautiful artisan goods, but will also help local industry flourish. And don’t hesitate in mixing vintage artisan craftsmanship with some mass produced accessories.

Source: [Design by Fabio Galeazzo]

9 Outdoors is your new indoors

More of greenery is to make its way inside your home in 2016. This not only contributes in making your home interior beautiful and fresh, but it also helps you stay healthy by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in your surroundings. Not only this, but outdoors will turn into indoors because people will love buying furniture items, which can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

Transitional Sunroom by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Melissa Miranda Interior Design

10 Sustainability        

Sustainability is what people will look for, not only through 2016, but perhaps for years to come. From the mattresses we sleep on to the couches we recline on to the very foundations of prefab homes, sustainability will be the call of the day from now on. More and more people will get acquainted with terms like reinventing, repurposing, recycling and reusing in as many ways as possible, from purchasing the furniture and accessories for their homes to buying the materials to build their homes. It’s become impossible to deny the significance of sustainability in bettering our lives.


So, here you are with some of the hottest interior decor trends for 2016. Hopefully, you can transform your home into a lively and well decorated place this year, where spending every second will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction.


Written by Alisa Helly​

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